Stop Artificial Grass From Melting | Prevent windows from melting Artificial Turf

Stop Artificial Turf Grass From Melting

Here is everything you need to know about how to stop turf from burning & Stop artificial grass from melting – By RC Window Films.

Window film for turf – how these windows melted car parts and how Turf Shield Window Film helped resolve this issue.

Window film for Turf – Turf Shield Window Film – Black

Why do you need window films to protect your artificial Grass

Those who have made use of artificial grass in their lawns enjoy many benefits like easy maintenance (you don’t have to cut it or water it), aesthetic appeal, convenience, and the like. However, as time passes and the summer season dawns upon the world, that very artificial grass will start to melt because of the increase of heat and reflection. Window film can Stop Turf melting.

Stop Artificial Turf Grass From Melting
Second-story windows can be the biggest contributor to melting turf and artificial grass. At times this can be an oversite during installation but can quickly cause thousands in damage.

Why does the artificial grass start melting?

Stop Artificial Turf Grass From Melting
A picture of the windows to the far left with ani reflective window film that prevents the harmful damaging effect on your artificial grass, turf, patio furniture, and even vinyl siding.

Usually, artificial grass is made up of a polyethylene material that melts at 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Increased heat absorption is caused when the sunlight is reflected off of shiny surfaces and comes into contact with the grass directly. After being reflected, and magnified, the heat accumulation within the polyethylene material causes the general temperature of the grass to skyrocket. Once it reaches the melting point, it can result in shrinkage and melting of the artificial grass. 

What causes the artificial grass to melt?

There are many factors that contribute to the melting and destruction of artificial grass. They include:

  • Exposure to direct sun rays 

One of the major causes for the melting of Artificial grass is exposure to direct sunlight. The heat energy coming directly from the sun is intense. Coupled with the fact that artificial grass is more susceptible to absorb high temperatures, melting is an easily achieved outcome –since they do not have mechanisms to release the extra heat energy into the environment. 

  • Reflected sun rays 

The majority of the time, your artificial grass will have access to reflected sunlight –from windows, doors, mirrors, and the like. Given the fact that light and heat are magnified when reflected, your artificial grass is left more vulnerable. You can count on more damage being caused to your artificial grass if it is at the receiving end of reflected sun rays. 

  • Low e-glass 

Low e-glass is used for windows. The reason why they are used is that they help reflect the heat from the sun’s rays all the while allowing light to pass through. They are used particularly for those people who want to keep their house as cool as possible in the summertime. Given the popularity of low e-glass, it is one of the major reasons why artificial grass melts since it acts as a massive magnifier. The various amounts of hotspots it creates are sure to cause damage to real grass thus completely massacring artificial versions. 

Stop Artificial Turf Grass From Melting
windows can and will burn your patio depending on the windows call RC window films for help

What’s the solution?

Despite the fact that there are some limitations to the use of artificial grass, solutions have been created –the main one being the use of window film to stop from turf melting. It has heat blocking properties that completely eliminate the harms caused by natural a phenomenon like reflection. 

Stop Artificial Turf Grass From Melting
you don’t have to change the look of your glass to get the protective solution to stop your windows from damaging your artificial, turf, grass, patio furniture, or vinyl siding.

How does window film help prevent Stop from Turf melting?

Various types of window films can be installed on the outside of your windows. They act as barriers all the while allowing you to see out your window clearly. The most important benefit that they will be able to extend is the fact that they don’t cause your artificial grass to melt. An inexpensive solution to a widely experienced problem. 

Additionally, not only will it be beneficial for your artificial lawn but it will also increase the holistic efficiency of your house since, according to the US Department of Energy, window films have been proven to be as much as 7 times more effective than blinds, curtains, and tint. Keep yourselves cooler all the while allowing natural light to enter your house and illuminate it throughout the day. 

Depending on the type of film you want to opt for, RC Window Films has multiple solutions for you. The majority of the time, you will have the option of choosing between:

  • Our UV Coated perforated film
  • A window film – specifically one that absorbs IR.
  • Full window screens 

While many choose the tint, it is sure to decrease the aesthetic appeal of your house because it can cause it to become dimmer. Full window screens are considered to be very expensive and involve a complex installation procedure. Window film, in comparison, has the perfect combinations –it is easy to install and does not reduce the amount of light going into your house. 

Why RC Window Films in particular?

You should choose RC Window Films in particular because we promise you the best quality. Throughout the years, we have been able to make our process perfect –easy, quick, and affordable installation for the protection of your lawns. Additionally, we also promise you the best quality. Out the window, films are responsible for reducing the absorbed heat by as much as 20 degrees 

RC Window Films has expanded throughout the years and, now, covers the need for most residential places as well as commercial buildings. Let us help keep you colder in the summer season while ensuring that your artificial grass remains in the best state it has ever been. Each building and each house has its own unique requirements and we strive to give a tailored solution. You can count on us to go the extra mile if need be for your benefit. 

You can schedule a consultation throughout the website and we will be able to provide you will a rough quote after a thorough inspection of your house. We will look for materials that prove to be the most energy-efficient so that you are set for the summertime. 

A simple solution awaits the disaster of consistent artificial grass melting – a phenomenon experienced by many across the country and the globe. With temperatures rising as rapidly as they are, you need to take action to protect your investment.


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