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Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting helps improve your comfort and energy savings. RC Window film brands are designed to reject and absorb up to 81%. 

 Home window tinting films can help you reduce your cooling costs at home by up to 30% while improving comfort and maintaining your home’s appearance. Less costly than installing new windows, adding Solar Gard solar control window film transforms your existing standard glass into high-performance windows.

 Did you know the film can save you money? Adding window film to your home drastically reduces solar heat gain. 


Security Window Tint

RC Window Films offers a line of Armorcoat® safety and security films with and without solar control properties. They are specifically designed to keep dangerous shards of glass together on impact, whether glass breakage is due to an accident, attempted burglary, violent storm, or earthquake.

Security window tinting films are a transparent way to protect your Home & Store Front.

By Fortifying your glass with Security window film, you make it harder for the bad guys to get thru and force them to move on to easier targets.

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Why window tint?

It Blocks 99.99% UV Rays

Solar control window films block 99.99 UV which can cause skin cancer. Adding window film is like applying SPF 285 + to your windows.

Window tint reduces glare, so you can stop squinting indoors

Seriously, squinting while watching the game or washing dishes are issues we can solve.

Window Tint Reduces Heat

Reduce heat coming from your windows. With our window tint, we can lower your indoor temperatures by 20 degrees. Don't wait, get tinted.

Window tint saves the planet, and your wallet.

So you're probably convinced by now, but if not, what if we told you we could save you a bunch of money by reducing your electric bill? It's true.

6 Major Benefits of Home Window Tinting


Efficient heat rejection means improved comfort.


Reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%

Prevent Fading

Block 99% of UV light to help prevent fading of your furnishings

Reduce Glare

Control glare to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors.


Equivalent to SPF 285.

Increase Privacy

Increase your privacy with window film by applying privacy film. 

Benefits Of Window Tinting 
Block Heat
Reduce Glare
Block 99.99 UV

Fading of Furnishings & Flooring

Solar Control Window films protect your valuable assets from fading and sun damage. You have made a sizable investment in the contents of your building, and it is essential to protect that investment from the sun’s rays. Carpeting, paneling, desks, wood, drapes, and valuable upholstered furniture can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Solar Control Window films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and the sun’s destructive rays on your furnishings and interior finishes. They also block and filter up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the single largest cause of fading. While no window film can stop fading completely, Window Films dramatically slow down the process of fading, protecting your investment and keeping your building’s interior looking beautiful

Causes of Fading

Pie Chart

What people say about us

If you're looking for the best window tinting for your home or workplace, well then... look not further.. it would literally be a waste of time. These guys, I cannot express enough how incredible they are. Not only are the super professional and very knowledgeable, they engaged in my humor and witty banter! A Customer service skill that has been lost through the years! Gentlemen you have perfected it! Oh and my windows look amazing
Emily H.
Yelp Reviewer
I called RC Window films about a window I needed tinted. However, I was clueless on what kind of tint would suit me best. Max showed up on time with multiple samples and multiple demonstrations to see which one I liked best. He was unbelievably professional, very knowledgeable and treated my house as if it were his own. My window came out amazing!! I recommend RC Window films to anyone who is looking for some quality tint.
Michael E.
Yelp Reviewer
I was hesitant to have my windows tinted as I was worried my house would be too dark. Was I ever surprised when I saw this didn’t happen! My master bedroom has western exposure and gets so hot by early afternoon. To my surprise, recent 90 degree temp in Murrieta did not enter my bedroom! The entire afternoon my room was cool and remained around 70 degrees while it was 92 outside! What a game changer. These guys at RC are professional, kind and did a fabulous job installing the film on my windows. I had a big smile on my face as I heard my neighbors AC units churning while mine remained in the off position. Don’t hesitate to use this company!
Janet Fantozzi
Google Review
Two days ago we had almost all of the windows in our house tinted by RC Window Films and we couldn't be more satisfied. Max came to our house last week to demonstrate the types of products being offered and did a great job explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages. It didn't take us long to decide which one to use. My wife and I were both amazed by the technology that goes into this product. Max took a lot of time and went into great detail how it works. We felt so comfortable with Max that we didn't even call to get other estimates from other companies which was unusual for us. Max and his co-worker, also named Max, worked very hard completing the windows. They arrived right on time, were very neat and did a great job. We are very happy with the way they look, both inside and outside the house. We also like the privacy the tinting provides. Unlike before, in the daytime we can open up the blinds and not have to be at all concerned about people outside looking inside our house. Already we can tell the tinting cuts down on the heat inside the house and it's not even summer yet. Similar to sunglasses, they reduce the glare when looking outside in the daytime while at the same time they don't make it too dark inside. Another benefit is they have a lifetime warranty! As far as cost goes we both thought it was reasonable. We highly recommend RC Window Films and agree with the other positive reviews.
Micheal R.
Yelp Reviewer
We have a large retail space that was in desperate need of some UV protection. We actually found RC Window Films here on Yelp and gave him a call. From the start to finish Max was very informative and professional. He was able to get all of windows done before we opened for business the following morning. The windows are absolutely stunning now. I have had many tinting jobs over the years and these guys are by far the best. I have them scheduled to do my residential windows in Wine Country next week. RC Window Films doesn’t just raise the bar for everything window related, they are the bar.
Tri Valley
Google Review
It has been about 8 weeks since I got my windows at home tinted. I was in the market to tint three large windows to help prevent damage from UV rays to my furniture. I wanted to take the time to tell everyone that Max at RC Window Films is very professional and outstanding with customer service. Max arrived the day of our appointment and discussed different types of films he installs. He also took the time to educate me on the types of films and how they differ from one another. After installation, Max took the time to present his work and explained the things that may or may not happen after installation (water bubbles) and how it can take up to 8 weeks to go away. A week into it a bubble did appear. At the six week mark, I contacted Max and he did not hesitate to fit me in his schedule. Max came to my house once again and assured me the water bubble would go away. Believing Max was able to see my concerned face, he took it upon himself to press the water bubble out and clean the windows from the exterior to make sure I was completely satisfied. Less than a week later, the film looks amazing! I will be only using RC Window Films for any of my residential window tint needs. Thanks Max for all that you do and driving from North County (1hr drive) all the way down to South Bay!!
Sergio G.
Yelp Reviewer

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Reduces fading of carpets, upholstery, and interior furnishings
  • Rejects from 98-99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Reduces your energy bill thereby helping to keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Increases your comfort by helping to eliminate “hot spots”
  • Rejects up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy
  • Reduces the sun’s glare
  • Increases your level of privacy
  • Enhances the appearance of a building by creating a uniform appearance
  • Provides improved safety when glass is broken

One aspect to consider when talking about the drying time of window film is the time of year. Cold and non-sunny weather conditions can lengthen the dry-out time. Warm weather and direct sun light exposure will shorten the dry-out time. If slow drying occurs, do not be alarmed. The trapped moisture will dry-out completely.

Some safety and security window films will always have a longer dry- out period due to their increased thickness. Thicker films and a less than perfect drying climate will lengthen the dry-out period. Dry-out times can vary from a few days to as long as several months.

Window film creates an efficient vapor barrier between the glass and the film. During the installation process, your window tinting installer will remove as much of the mounting solution as possible by using a squeegee, although a small amount will remain. Trapped installation moisture can cause small water puddles and/or a slightly cloudy look. This is normal and should be expected. Do not attempt to pierce a water puddle during the dry-out period. This water and cloudy look will eventually dissipate. Attempting to pierce a water puddle in an effort to drain moisture will damage your film. This damage would not be covered by warranty.

Many windows, especially those on storefronts, have stickers, decals, burglar tape, and other such items on the glass. Depending on the circumstances, these might have to be removed.

Your window tinting professional should discuss the potential problems with you and determine what to do with any decals. If they are not highly raised above the glass, window film can be applied over them. However, this will create a poorer bond on the decal than on the glass. More highly raised stickers should be scraped off.

Burglar tape and alarm contacts are also found on windows. Tape is usually only slightly raised above the surface of the glass. Film can be installed over such an irregular surface, but customers should be advised that the installation will not be tip quality. Alarm contacts, however, should be removed before applying film, but should not be done by the window film installer. It is better to ask you, the customer, to contact your security company to remove and replace the alarm contacts.

Below are a few definitions to help you understand how to choose the best window film for you:

  • Total Solar Transmittance: The percent of incident solar radiation to be directly passed through a window system
  • Total Solar Reflectance: The percent of incident solar radiation to be reflected by a window system
  • Total Solar Absorption: The percent of incident solar radiation to be absorbed by a window system
  • Visible Light Transmittance: The percent of total visible light to be passed through a window system
  • Visible Light Reflectance: The percent of total visible light to be reflected by a window system that can be seen visually
  • Percent Ultraviolet Transmittance: Percent of total ultraviolet light to be passed through a window system
  • Percent of Total Solar Energy Rejected: The percent of incident solar energy rejected by a window system, equals solar reflectance plus the part of solar absorption which is reradiated outward

Most window films are applied to the inside glass surface of a window. As the sunlight hits the glass surface, four basic things occur:

  1. Sunlight hits the window and a part of its energy is reflected away from the window.
  2. The glass absorbs some of the sun’s energy.
  3. A portion of the sun’s solar energy is transmitted thru the window film into the room.
  4. Part of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the window film and part is re-radiated in and out of the room.

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