Windows are the heart and soul of any home, allowing you to enjoy the views and enjoy the natural light. However, having a lot of windows can sometimes come with a few downsides, like limited privacy. Our solution is adding frosted window film for added privacy, or decorative window film if you’re wanting to add a touch of your own personal style.

Benefits of Decorative & Commercial Frosted Window Films

  • Added Privacy

    Allow natural light to fill your home while not allowing people walking by to see in. Choose from gradients, frosted patterns and much, much more!

  • Decorative Flair

    If traditional frost is too simple, have no fear. Decorative window film comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns. The hardest part will be choosing one!

  • Easy to Have Installed

    Decorative and frosted window films can easily be added and removed with little to no damage and can be applied to many different surface types.

Types of Frosted Window Film & Decorative Window Film

Below are our most popular types of frosted window film and decorative window film for residential homes. The main differences between each type is the look they provide, added degree of privacy and the amount of unique style. From basic frosted windows to a fully custom look, we’ll get you the privacy results you want and the look you desire.

Commercial Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Films

Home frosted window film is ideal for creating privacy without giving up the benefits of natural light. Depending on your privacy needs, there are varying degrees of frost. Whether you simply want to create a slight blur or you want full privacy, home frosted window film is the perfect addition to your home windows and glass doors.

home decorative window film patterns

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film not only provides your home with added privacy, they can add some creative flair as well. We have designers on hand that can take your design concepts and bring them to life. Think patterns, motivational sayings, family quotes and so much more. If you can think it, we can design it.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M Di-Noc Architectural Finishes

3M Di-Noc architectural finishes are a vinyl film applied to various surfaces to either restore a current look or add an all new look without breaking the budget. These quality architectural vinyl films come in a wide variety of patterns and textures. Choose from woods, metals, marble, concrete, stone, and much, much more!

home decorative window film stain glass look

Everything in Between

More than privacy and textured elements, home decorative window films can provide you with unique, eye-catching windows or even walls. Decorative window film can be placed on a large variety of surfaces. Want to create the ultimate children’s room or stunning dinning room? With decorative window film, your imagination is the only limit!


  • You're Protected!

    We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy for your peace of mind. It’s such a rarity in the industry, and we certainly like to brag about it!

  • The Right Materials

    Each job has its unique requirements. We use the most current meters, and practices to ensure the right film is installed for the Job.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    Going the extra mile with quality of work and customer service, these are our #1 priorities. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.