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Home Window Film for Energy Savings

High-quality window film is designed with homeowners in mind. Contrary to its name “solar,” solar control film does not store energy like solar panels. However, it has a similar function in that it helps in increasing energy savings.

Solar Control window tinting film is an adhesive film applied to glass surfaces. As the sun’s rays hit the window, the window film acts as a “sunscreen” to reflect and regulate the levels of heat, light, and even UV rays entering the home or office. The amount of heat, light, and UV rays that are rejected depends on the type of window film you select. The best part about this window film is that you can still enjoy your beautiful views, unlike using a curtain.

For those looking for home window tinting near me or who are in the Riverside County, Orange County, or San Diego area, rest assured we have you covered.

Benefits of Home Window tinting

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Add Curb Appeal
  • Improves old windows and makes them more energy efficient
  • Window tinting services don’t require permits and are a 10th of the cost of window replacement
  • Residential window film improves daytime privacy
  • Glass windows are meant to prove views, and window films improve that view by reducing Glare.
  • Let us help you reduce energy costs and improve the way your home feels.
Prevent artificial turf from melting

Stop Artificial Turf from Melting

If you are like many water-wise homeowners who have transitioned to artificial turf, you’re already enjoying the benefits of easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal of artificial turf. However, most homeowners don’t realize that artificial grass can melt.

Glass Windows can cause an intense heat given off by the reflection of their home’s windows. Luckily you can apply high-performance turf shield window film to the outside our your windows, and voila…no more melting! Think of it as a magnifying glass effect.

Benefits of Turf Shield Home Window Tinting

  • Stops artificial turf from melting.
  • Prevent Siding from melting
  • Stop Fencing from melting.
  • Still enjoy your natural light.
home decorative window film and frosted window film with patterns

Decorative & Frosted Window Films

Windows are the heart and soul of any home, allowing you to enjoy the views and natural light. However, having many windows can sometimes come with a few downsides, like limited privacy. Privacy window films like frosted window tinting film for added privacy or decorative window film if you want to add a touch to your style.

Benefits of Decorative & Frosted Film

  • We are adding privacy without losing natural light.
  • Add uniquely patterned film for creative style.
  • Architectural films allow you to either restore a current look or add an all-new look without breaking the budget.
  • Blackout window film options are available for daytime and nighttime privacy.
Skylight window tinting

Skylight Window Tinting

Skylight window film reduces glare and helps improve energy efficiency while maintaining natural light. Home window tinting is a great low-cost solution to address skylights. We carry one-way mirror films to reduce ultraviolet rays to reduce fading that may be occurring. We also have decorative window film options to add a touch of style if that’s your thing. Homeowners, we have the highest quality films for your skylights.

Benefits of Skylight window tinting:

  • Block Harmful UV Rays
  • Reduce Heat Gain
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with nearly all Glass Skylights
  • Block the Sun’s Heat
  • Protect upholstery
RC Window Security Films

Security Window Film

Security Window Film

Safety and security window films are truly unique. This film protects people from broken glass shards but, most importantly, makes it very difficult for any intruder to penetrate your home. These films have a proven track record of saving lives and property from intruders. It is important to note that if you need to break the glass from the inside, you can still do so since the sticky part of the film is facing the outside. This film is ideal for schools, churches, businesses, and homes!

Click here to watch this short video, and you’ll be amazed!

Benefits of Security Film

  • It keeps glass together on impact and protects people from glass shards.
  • It makes it very difficult for intruders to break the glass.
  • Windows can still break from the inside should you need to get out through the window.
  • Safety and Security Protection film mitigates break-ins.
  • Commercial buildings around the country and here in San Diego, Encinitas, El Cajon, and Riverside County have benefited from commercial window film for security. If you live in Southern California and need local home window tinting services our corporate office can help.

Benefits of Skylight window tinting:

  • Block Harmful UV Rays
  • Reduce Heat Gain
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with nearly all Glass Skylights
  • Block the Sun’s Heat
  • Protect upholstery


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