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Turf Shield window film clear

It also turns out to be a way to make your home look better than ever. While you can always repaint the look of your home or add accents like stone or stucco, there’s little you can do to improve the look when it comes to windows, is there? Well, without window shades, you can completely change the appearance of your window, add deep coal, gray or white vinyl, or countless other options.

When using turf shield window film on your windows, the windows not only look better than ever but also stop creating solar heat rays, which can melt artificial turf, vinyl coating, and plastic furniture.

Energy-saving windows cause most synthetic materials to melt.

Energy-saving windows are ideal for keeping homes cool in summer, warm in winter, and lower your energy bill throughout the year thanks to improved heat and cooling regulation.

However, windows that reject solar energy refract this energy somewhere; if this solar energy beam shines on to your grass, these thermal rays can melt and burn, destroying artificial turf and natural grass.

So maintaining the internal cooling without bringing concentrated heat to the outside with the protective film for the lawn is essential when considering turf installation.

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