Stop Turf From Melting – Apply Window tint San diego

grass melting from low E windos

Stop Turf From Melting San Diego – Apply Window Tint

California is in a Water Crisis – Now your Turf is too –

In in an effort to help the water crisis here in San Diego and across California homeowners have turned to Artificial Turf to assist in conserving our water supply.  However, this has come at a cost. Homeowners are running into an issue after installing Artificial Turf its melting. The issue is most often the home windows.

The Solar Energy reflected by your home windows is super heating the Artificial grass, causing it to melt. This issue is more common with dual pane windows that have a low E coatings. Low E windows are an effective solution when attempting to better insulate and save your energy bill even though window tint is often a better solution.

How to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting?

RC Window films has a solution for this common problem. Depending on the particular situation and the preferred aesthetic outcome, homeowner & Businesses have a the following options.

These are the most cost effective options to Stop Artificial Turf From Melting

  1.  Install Exterior Perforated Window Tint
  2.  Install an Exterior Window film with a High IR Absorption.
  3.  Install Full Window Screens

Best way to stop turf from melting – Install Exterior Perforated Window Tint

RC Window Films will stop your artificial grass from melting, protect your investment, or your MONEY BACK!

Example Photos:

stop Turf from melting.
Installing our anti reflective film to stop your artificial Grass From melting.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
Bottom row of windows second from the right window has our high performance turf protecting film.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
Don’t let your Turf melt and fade. Protect it by calling the best window film company in southern California.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
Professional window film company helping keep your artificial turf stay Green and from being melted by your glass windows.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
This is a picture after installing artificial grass turf protecting window film.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
A close up look our artificial grass protecting window film, Helping your Turf from melting and discoloring.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
An inside look after we have installed our artificial turf grass protecting window film. Protect your turf from melting.
Stop Artificial Grass Turf from melting
Here is a closer look at our Turf protecting window film by RC Window Films


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