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Can you tint house windows?

Home window tinting in Temecula is possible. Home window tinting is one of the best ways to reduce heat, block UV, cut glare, and improve glass windows’ glass efficiency.

Home window tinting options –

Temecula window tinting is possible, but you have to use the right product for the glass to achieve the best results. First, one must inspect the glass, identify the type of glass, its thickness, and any coating present. Car tint is much different from home window tinting. Glass options for homes is vastly different from car windows. Car windows often only come in 2 combinations; they are either tempered, laminated or both. Home windows come in different thicknesses, vary in the number of panes, coating, glass treatments, and can even be filled with gasses to improve insulation. Because of the various options of glazing options for homes, window film companies must consider these factors before installing any film.

What types of tint are available for homes?

  1. Silver (one – way) – a Silver film that is often insulated on commercial buildings and offices.
  2. Metalized – metal films absorb a lot of heat and are not recommended for dual-pane windows installed on the interior living space surface.
  3. Ceramic – Ceramic window tints are comprised of titanium oxide and have much better performance over metalized films.
  4. Dyed – Dyed films are old technology but still serve as a good UV blocking and Glare reducing option.
  5. Low – E films ( insulating) – Low E films are great for improving the insulation factor of glass without replacing existing glass that might be old or low performing.
  6. Safety and Security – These films are available in various thicknesses to meet various levels of protection. Safety films help hold the glass together in case of breakage and mitigate break-ins, making it difficult for an unwanted intruder to gain access. Safety and security films are used by government agencies, buildings, and police stations across the country for bomb blast mitigation. Security tint and films come thicknesses up to 14 mils and greater. Depending on the application and the solution/certifications required. These films are sadly becoming more popular because of all of the ho
  7. Decorative films – Decorative films are a great line of films to help increase the aesthetics of glass and gain privacy while improving glass performance.
  8. Anti – Graffiti – this film helps reduce the cost of replacing glass; this thin layer of film ranging from 4-8 mils thick protects the glass surfaces and commercial surfaces from being damaged. Damage that occurs by accident by tagging, etching, spray painting can often cost quite a bit to remove and sometimes requires replacement. Anti-graffiti films are a great solution to this ever-growing problem.

Can home window tinting help reduce heat?

Temecula house tinting is one of the most affordable ways to improve glass performance. If you’ve lived in Temecula, Californian, you know how hot it can get during the summer. I remember a few years back and how it got up to 118 degrees; without window film, our home would have been a sauna. Window tinting can reduce heat by 80%.

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