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Is your turf melting? If so, read this article or just give us a call, we can solve this easily.

Need more convincing. Keep reading.

window film to stop turf melting
our laminated turf window film to stop turf from melting, durable and long warranty.

The cost of artificial turf is high, so it’s often heartbreaking to find out that your turf is melting after installation. Artificial turf melting occurs when sunlight reflects off of high-performance windows and on to your artificial grass.

When the sun reaches the double-glazed windows, it concentrates the sun’s energy and thus creates a magnifying glass effect. This amplified sunlight shines on your synthetic grass, making it reach its melting points.

Of course, you do not want this to happen, because you do not want to spend more money on this garden accessory. Knowing the cost and investment you’ve made, I’m sure you want a permanent solution.

Although the internet is filled with many artificial turf maintenance tips that you can try, many are not proven to work, and having spent thousands already that last thing you want is to feel like your wasting more money.

Well, no more worrying, we have a proven solution backed by an outstanding warranty. Our film is specifically designed to eliminate the reflection causing your turf, siding, and patio furniture from melting and distorting.

Stop artificial turf melt
Windows causing reflection that heats up enough to melt new synthetic grass

Here are a few things you can try?

Place the furniture set on the affected area, and hope doesn’t burn. ( not a great idea or permanent solution)
Replace your home windows with lower-performing windows. ( a catch 22 but a solution nonetheless.)
Try thousands of window tint films (we did) not specifically designed to solve the issue but worth the try.
Finally, You can call us, we have a solution, and you don’t have to upset your spouse by trying to solve this complicated problem yourself.

How does our film work?

Once the film is applied, the sun is out, and light begins to shine on the surface of the glass, the film begins to refract and spread heat all over the surface area of the window. As a result, it stops the damaging effect on your artificial turf.

In addition, our film options can help reduce glare without darkening your windows. Want to read more about this topic Check out this article.


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