Window film treatment better than Low E windows

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Homeowners and facility managers know that windows are one of the essential features of a home or building. In addition to illuminating living and working space, windows allow fresh air to enter, and offer a view of the outside world. However, we all know windows can cause excessive heat gain and energy loss. Window tinting films solve this very common problem and more.

window treatment film better
Window treatment is better than low e windows in terms of cost and efficiency

What are window films, and how does window tinting improve comfort?

Window films are thin, transparent, and at times an almost invisible plastic film mounted to windows. These window treatments help reduce energy costs by reducing heat gain, brightness, and damaging UV rays of the sun. See what Skin care foundation of america thinks about window film.

With technological improvements in manufacturing, window tinting has made leaps and bounds in terms of increasing film performance capabilities. Manufacturers are now capable of laminating 100’s of layers together rather than, 1 or 2 layers this massive breakthrough drastically improved film performance capabilities across many solutions window treatments already provided.

Because of recent innovations, window films/treatments are viable a low cost high yielding solution by engineers who are Architects to solve sophisticated heating, lighting, and cooling issues. By blocking UV rays during the hot summer months, window films reduce solar heat gain, which in turn reduces the amount of time the air conditioners and HVAC systems need to operate, reducing energy costs, wear and tear and increasing occupant comfort.

meter to check glass home window tinting inspection tool
meter to check glass home window tinting inspection tool

How effective is window film?

Window films can block up to 80% of solar heat. In winter, the same window film will retain 30% of heat in, thereby reducing the cost of heating. In the efforts to go green and manage energy, this is excellent news.

Window films are also an economical way to reduce internal glare, provides privacy while maintaining your exterior view, and prevents damage to the interior living spaces such as furniture, carpets, and upholstery by blocking the harsh UV light. It also improves safety and security. If your windows break by accident, or mother nature, keep the glass parts in place. More advanced security window film options even delay entry, provide the opportunity to seek help, and take action.

Silver 20 - high heat rejection office window tint
Silver 20 – high heat rejection office window tint

Reason to consider window film treatment

Window tinting films provide an affordable alternative to window replacement. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on replacing damaged, ineffective, and inefficient windows, you can have them quickly upgraded by having window treatment applied at a fraction of the cost!

High heat rejection energy-saving films are available in many shades and tones, but don’t worry; there are hundreds of options to choose from each solve even the most complex glazing problem. As you can see, window treatment offers a significant return on your investment for your window improvement needs.

There are so many benefits of window tinting films, so if you interested in getting window film for your home, office, business, or even your clients: Contact us

Home window tinting in San diego adds privacy and uv protection.

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