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Solar Window Tinting - Dual Reflective Film
Home window tinting for privacy designed to give you privacy and still be able to see out and others not see in. All our film recommendations.

Not all window films are the same, so it’s crucial to consider what your main priority is or what you want out of window film and work from there. If you’re after privacy, you’ll be happy to know that your options are not limited. Home tinting for privacy is easily achieved with the films we are going to be discussing.

Window films for privacy: 

  1. Solar or solar control window films (Tint) 
  2. Privacy Mirror Films (Reflective films) 
  3. Frosted Window films (Etched Glass Look) 
  4. Decorative Film (Designer films) 

Each option of privacy window film has its advantages and disadvantages, and not all films will be perfect. Compromise is necessary when choosing a film for privacy, so it will take some time to decide what is most important when choosing a privacy window tint or privacy window film. 

Solar Control Window films and privacy

Solar Control films are the most popular types of films for consumers. For privacy, customers will need to choose a dark window film such as a 15% visible light transmittance (VLT), such as 3m Night-vision or Solargard TrueVue 15. These films make it difficult for people to see in from outside the home or building during daylight hours making them ideal for Home tinting for privacy. 

 Advantages of Solar Control films: You can still enjoy the benefits of natural light, using solar control window films in the room. Solar Control films also tend to reject more heat from the outside and, like many other window films on the market, provide a 99% UV protection protecting your flooring and furnishings from fading. 

 Disadvantages Solar Control films: darker films used to create privacy tend to have high external reflectivity. If you don’t like the reflective appearance, similar to the mirror, you’ll probably not want to choose a solar control film to create privacy. 

During daylight hours, solar control window films make a difference in terms of added privacy. However, at night, if you want to complete privacy, you still need to rely on shades, curtains, or blinds. Solar control films do not provide night time privacy. 

Privacy Mirror Films (One Way) 

Privacy mirrored films are one-way films similar to what is popular on TV shows and movies. Witnesses in the observation room are looking through a glass window to identify a suspect in a lineup. It should be dark or have a minimum amount of light. 

 Privacy Mirror Films Advantages: Ideal for office and industrial environments, when you want to obscure the view room. 

 Privacy Mirror Films Disadvantages: High reflectivity of the mirror film can be distracting, and are often not allowed in HOA managed homes and properties. 

Frosted Window films (Etched Glass Look) 

Frosted films are made to create privacy in the room/bathroom/office space and many other places. The translucent film has a matte look; it’s very popular in medical offices. Frosted films create complete privacy but let in natural light. 

 Frosted Window Advantages: translucent film allows diffusion in the room. Like power outages or white films, translucent films completely darken the view out of the window if you’re looking for complete privacy. 

 Frosted Window Cons: what can be a benefit of a customer may not be another when it comes to these films. If you need to be able to view windows, dark, white, or translucent films may not be the best option, as they completely block any form of view. 

 Decorative films 

Decorative window films offer business owners or owners the option to customize their glass without having to replace the glass to get the look of stained glass or stained glass. There are hundreds of designs, colors, and patterns that you can choose from among all to achieve your desire for privacy. 

  Decorative film Advantages: You can get almost any color or pattern. Any design you want can be selected or created in a custom film, giving your room glass a unique look. 

  Decorative film Disadvantages: decorative films are often more expensive than other window films. Decorative films come in many variations; some are colored, patterned, and or a combination of both. 

RC Window Film Home Window Tinting for Privacy Recommendation 

Home Mirror Reflective Film 

  1. Silver 20 ( interior or exterior installations) 
  2. Solar Bronze 20 

These two mirrored film options create a “one-way mirror” effect to your glass, giving you privacy during the daylight while allowing you to see your glass, similar to what’s in police interrogation rooms. In addition to privacy, these films reject 79% TSER (total solar energy) and block 99% of ultraviolet energy, which is the leading cause of sunlight damage furniture, floors, and even skin. 

 Home Reflective Window films

It provides privacy during the day with a metallic look, rather than a full mirror, and has a very natural view from the inside. 

 In addition to privacy, the film will reduce air conditioning costs by rejecting 63% TSER (total solar energy) and blocking 99% of UV energy, which is the leading cause of solar damage to furniture and skin. 

 Home/Residential and commercial Dual-reflective film for privacy

Panorama® Dual-Reflective Slate, Ceramic Films are designed to maintain a field of view from the inside to the whole day while increasing external privacy. Panorama® maximizes thermal insulation to provide fresh and comfortable interior and UV barriers to protect people and properties from UV damage. 

Grey/Silver/Grey 10 – Create a “one-way mirror” effect for your glass, giving you privacy during the day, a natural landscape with low reflection from the inside, low brightness. 

In addition to privacy and reduced glare, this film will reduce air conditioning costs, reject 78% of solar energy (total solar energy), and block 99% of UV energy, which is the leading cause of solar damage to furniture and skin. 

Slate 20 – A lighter version of Slate 10, the film also creates a “one-way mirror” effect for your glass that gives you privacy during the day, low reflection, natural view from the inside. 

Also, get privacy and reduced glare, this film will reduce air conditioning costs, inhibit 69% of solar energy (total solar energy), and block 99% of UV energy, which is the leading cause of solar damage to furniture and skin. 

 Privacy Films Frost Residential and Commercial Privacy Films 

Solar Gard Clear frost or 3M Fasara — frost privacy window film is designed to look like professionally frosted glass. This decorative film adds privacy while allowing lots of light to be transmitted through the window. Frost films are ideal for bathroom windows, apartments, or windows that require maximum privacy; our Frost Window Decorative Film can be used for almost any privacy need. 

3M Fasara or Solargard White Opaque for business privacy 

The opaque white decorative privacy film provides the highest level of privacy while allowing light to pass through. White opaque films are great for home tinting for privacy and perfect for sides at the entrance, the white outcomes block 99% of the visual, but not all the light. 

 Limo-Black privacy film 

Grey/Silver/Grey 10 (also known as Limo Tone) – The privacy film “Limo Tone” provides subtle privacy in daylight, using dark dyes instead of reflective metals. The film allows only 6% of visible light to pass through the glass, while also allows external viewing during the day. Anyone who needs to minimize glare and isolation, such as bars, restaurants, casino malls, or some eye problems. 

Our “Limo Black” is different from other films and may look similar. Grey/Silver/Grey 10 is a multilayer film that uses a silver 20 high-heat inhibitor film, and coating on both sides has a gray layer to achieve glare reduction and high thermal rejection without the need for an internal or external glossy appearance. This film has 70%. tser (total solar energy rejection) 

Blackout Privacy films for home and business 

Blackout: Designed to block all light and view, regardless of time or lighting. The film allows for total privacy and eliminates all reflections from the TV and computer screens. Black is perfect for the Home or Office that requires 24-hour privacy. 


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