How much does it cost to tint windows in Southern California?

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Tint Cost –

Home window tinting is fairly popular when I come to cars and trucks. But window tinting is also a great way to reduce heat in your home or office. Commercial window tinting is well known throughout the retail property management industry.

Home window tinting, however, is a bit more complicated, unlike cars home windows come in a variety of options.

Window Tint pricing –

Home window tinting depends on the type of product your interested in and the goal desired. Window tinting your home or office can range from 5 dollars an sq ft to 127 dollars a square foot. I know what you’re thinking, 127 dollars that insane, well that film is called Smart window film an electrified window film that turns opaque at the flip of a switch.

How much does it cost to tint windows in Southern California?
Side by side after window tinting a home (silver 20)

However, the most common cost per square foot is 5-10 dollars a square foot.

What are the benefits of home window tinting –

Tinting your windows can cut down annoying glare, reduce fading floors, and even blocks heat from entering the home and increasing home temperatures.

Home window tinting can even save you money by reducing your ac bill, because the film blocks heat at the window, it can reduce the load on your ac unit, reducing your energy use.

Protects your home –

Window films come in tons of different options to include protection window films. Safety window films are designed to strengthen the glass. Security window films hold glass together, creating a closed structure securing crystal to the film and making it difficult to get through.

How to Choose the Right Window Tint

Now that we’ve discussed all options, you have to determine the right window tint solution for you, your home and your budget. To do that, you have to ask yourself these critical questions:

home window tinting in menifee ca
home window tinting in Menifee ca

What Are My Goals? Whether you’re looking to save money on energy, add privacy, or reduce the glare, you must know what your priorities are before moving on in the process.

What is My Budget? You must know what you’re willing to spend. Then, you have to determine how many windows you’re tinting. Both these answers will significantly affect your choice and final window tint price.

Do I Need Decorative Tints? Functionality is more important than design, but aesthetics should never be ignored. Therefore, if there is a specific design you’re looking for, like one that will complement your existing exterior, plan as this influences the window tint cost.

How to Clean Tinted Windows

cutting home window tint to size during a home window tinting installation in menifee ca
cutting home window tint to size during a home window tinting installation in Menifee ca

Just like your traditional windows, you have to clean your tinted windows to not only ensure their elevated appearance but to maintain their function as well. First and foremost, do not clean your stained windows with any product containing ammonia. Harsh chemicals, like ammonia, will blotch, fade, stain or even peel the tint you so carefully applied.

Regular dishwashing soap or a mixture of baby shampoo and water will work wonders for your tinted windows. Combined with a lint-free or paper towel, you’re good to go.

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