How to reduce heat with window tinting in Murrieta

So how does window film work

Window tinting in Murrieta is a great option to reduce heat, block Uv, and protect your floors.

Window film blocks heat in 3 ways.

  • Window tint works by reflecting heat back outside.
  • Film absorbs heat and holds it on the glass so that it doesn’t get in the house.
  • It also blocks infrared light, the type of light we cannot see.

When a window film company stats total solar energy rejection or rather TSER.

They are referring to the combined reflection, absorption, and inferred blocking abilities of window film.
Choosing the right window film can be a confusing process and there are a Few things to consider when choosing the right film:

What is the primary reason for having window film installed ?

  • Heat rejection
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Light harvesting
  • Glare reduction
  • One way mirror
  • Black out
  • Decorative – frosted window film
  • Graphics

What type of Glass do you currently have, are there any coatings applied if any?

what’s the thickness of the glass, and is your glass tempered?

What type of window frame do you have?

RC Window Films –

Choosing the right professional window tinting installation company in Murrieta

Finding out the information above will help you hire the right professional for the job –

Asking these questions to a professional who comes to your home for inspection is very important to gauge their understanding. Stay clear of those who don’t understand the limitations of glass or simply don’t know that thickness, coatings, and frames play a major part when selecting the right window film for your desired goal.

Limitations of window film and draw backs

Like all things in life there are limitations of window film. For example, Installing limo tint or the darkest shade available does not give you privacy at night. If there is more light in the home then there is outside of the home standard solar control window film will not completely create privacy. However, there are blackout tints or films that are opaque can create privacy at night but they will inhibit your view during the day as well. Frosted window films or another option but like opaque window films they also prevent clear vision looking out or in.

Depending on the type of glass surface some window films are not recommended. In fact manufacturers will void the warranty of their window film if applied on glass not recommended. For example, annealed glass especially when window film is installed specifically a window film with a high absorption rate. High heat absorbing window films have their place within the window film industry. However some metallized window films force the glass to expand which then causes stress around the frames of the window which can potentially cause stress cracks.

This is why it is very important to have a clear understanding of the type of frame and type of glass you currently have. It is important that the manufacturer or the installation company is aware of the type of glass present. Many professional window film installation companies have tools necessary for examining glass to avoid these types of potential problems.

Window tinting and Glass Coatings

Understanding the surfaces of glass as well as the coatings that could potential he be applied to glass plays a major factor in choosing the right window film.

Low e coatings are often Present within new and sometimes older homes and offices. Low e coatings are fantastic at insulating. However, Low E glass can be very expensive that’s why window film is a highly desirable both in low E form and in solar control.

There are low E window film options that can essentially make standard glass perform like low E. Most low-key window films actually perform much better than low E glass. However installing the wrong window film on low E glass or the installing window film on the wrong surface of Low E glass can cause major issues and potential even damage the Low E coating.

Why install window Tint in Murrieta and Temecula

Window Tinting in window film installation for Murrieta Temecula is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce the heat we experience during the summer months. Window Tinting has a high return on investment typically reducing your energy bill by 15 to 20% depending on the excess heat injection coming through your glass.

If you have standard or old glass without a coding and sometimes even with a low E coating looking at window film to reduce the overall heat into the home can be a great way to save and improve the efficiency of your glass at home and at your office.

Window Tinting is a great way to reduce the glare and provide a better experience when watching your favorite TV show movie or a sports event on television.

RC window films has a wide variety of tint available some with security options.

Security window film is a great way to protect your home and stop bad guys. Home burglary isn’t much of a concern in our small city. However, it does happen and one of the easiest ways into a home is through the glass windows, breaking glass is very simple and because of the safety measures such as tempered glass it often leaves the intruder unharmed and gives them easy access to your home or office.

Installing security film is a great way to deter and dissuade robbers from breaking into your home making it very difficult to break the glass and even after breaking the glass making it very hard to make entry into the home or office.

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