Don't replace your windows, consider window tinting in San Diego

It’s the holiday season, and homeowners in San Diego and throughout Southern California are are do for an unusually cold winter.

Window tinting in San Diego
Home Window tinting does more than reject heat, it can keep heat in too.

Southern California has a unique climate known all around the world. California is know for its consistent temperature is mild winters, and by mild, I mean 70° and sometimes into those chilly 50° temperatures requiring you to ditch the sandals for shoes.

Home window tinting San Diego
When your glass windows aren’t performing, consider window tinting. Low E window film is a great way to keep the heat inside.

But in all seriousness Californians can’t experience made 30° temperatures throughout the night making it quite uncomfortable without the use of AC.

San diego home window tinting
Window film companies as well as glass manufacturing companies are always striving to develop and offer a low-cost high performance products.

However, this quest comes with its own set challenges. The staggering cost of window replacement for high-efficiency Low E coated windows is just that staggering. Sometimes complete frame removal and replacement can be strenuous to say the least. Window replacement is expensive and sometimes you don’t ever see a return on investment. And when you consider the cost opportunity they are better alternatives for insulating heat and rejecting heat.

window tinting San Diego
San Diego is known for it’s sunny weather but at night i can reach 30 degrees. Low e window films can help keep your home comfortable.

Home window tinting is one of the fastest growing industries, for reason. Window Tinting is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce heat that comes into a home. Window film is known to reduce total solar energy by 80%. Standard glass and even double pane windows doesn’t perform at the level of high-performance window films.

The best part about home window tint in is that it inexpensive, and offers huge a upside in terms of heat rejection Glare rejection and even UV blockage.

Here are some reasons why you should consider home window tinting in San Diego if your in the market to upgrade your home windows or even replaced home windows –

  1. Low-cost improvement for better performance. Home window tinting can be more effective then high-performance Low- E windows at a lower cost.
  2. Home window tinting can be done in less than one day at times in less than a few hours.
  3. Window Tinting offers more privacy and even color change to match your aesthetic desire.
  4. Window films can be installed on the interior of the glass surface or the exterior of the glass surface.
  5. In some states there are even rebates available for home Window Tinting and improvements. Those rebates are typically found in the insulation section of home-improvement

Now there’s five reasons why home window tinting is one of the best options when considering replacing your home windows or planning on upgrading your existing windows from single pane to dual pane windows.

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