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Avoiding damage to existing windows –

It’s essential to understand the kind of Windows you have before considering home window tinting. Window tint, otherwise known as polyester window tint, reflect and absorb a tremendous amount of heat, some Window tints called Low-E coatings also act as insulation to improve the performance of glass.

It is essential to install a complimentary window tint that will not adversely affect the performance of windows. Some windows have a coating within the interior, dual pane structure, and it’s this coating that can be damaged if the wrong tint is applied. Installing the wrong window tint can potentially damage low e coating, causing windows to appear hazy and ultimately lower performance. Knowing the type of glass you have before installing a window tint will save you thousands of dollars and significantly improve the performance, longevity, and energy savings of your home windows.

Different Types of home window tinting films

There are several different types of home window tinting tints these types range from decorative options, solar control options, and security window tint options. The most popular of the three options are solar control Window tints.

  1. Solar control window tints reject the sun’s energy, ultimately improving comfort, reduced energy bills, and lower the impact of harmful UV rays and the damage they cause to hardwood flooring and other Furnishings within your home.
  2. Decorative Window tints come in a wide variety of options like Frost and Etched and patterned window tint designed to give you privacy but also allow visible light to transfer through. However, these tints often inhibit your view in both directions, not allowing you to see out or others to see through.
  3. Security window films act as a structural brace for glass. These thick anti-tear window tints are applied to the interior and at times on the exterior. They are often supported by a structural sealant that attaches the window tint to the frame of the glass; You’re putting it on further, increasing the structural integrity of your windows.

Does Tinting your windows void your warranty

It’s true, tinting your windows depending on the manufacturer or your windows can void your warranty. However, window film manufacturers have taken steps to further back your existing glass by a comprehensive warranty.

Their warranties go beyond “glass manufactures.” They pay for replacement glass and film. Please note, reputable and trained window film application companies like RC Window films utilize the latest technologies and meters to ensure safe application and installation of compatible window films to avoid the headaches of damage and replacement altogether.

Does tinting your home increase Window performance, and is it economical?

First of all, window tinting your home is a great way to increase the overall performance of your windows, especially those that are old or uninsulated. in terms of economic benefits, window tinting films often show a high return on investment. Window tinting is much less expensive than upgrading your existing window panes for better-performing windows. High-performance window panes like those that are insulated and argon-filled are often costly when compared to window tinting for the same level of performance.

Replacing Windows can cost upwards of 600 to $900 per window pane. Where is Window Tinting can cost about $150 to $220 / pane? The average cost for window tinting a home is generally between 1,000 to $2,500, but this depends on the total amount of square footage covered. It’s important to note that many people should consider only tinting the east and west-facing windows and sometimes consider south-facing Windows depending on the geographical location of their home. Taking these steps will often result in the highest return-on-investment and can make window tinting a great idea when considering improving the efficiency of your home.

Can you tint your home yourself?

You can tint your home yourself, Home Depot and Lowe’s offer two types of window films, silver, and ceramics. However, these films and their compatibility with your existing glass is often unknown and very difficult to assess without the proper meters. So you’re taking a chance, one way to ensure lowering the probability of damaging your glass is choosing the more silver option as it works in reflecting energy more so than absorbing energy like its counterpart ceramic. Tinting windows is relatively easy, but everyone says that it will require some practice, but you do have to consider the cost. We advise you hire professionals within your local market and obtain a couple of quotes as well as identify the total square footage needed and compare that with the cost associated with purchasing from Home Depot or Lowe’s and make your decision from there.

Home window tinting –

In conclusion, window tinting is a great way to improve the performance of your energy use and lower your overall energy bill. Window tinting can provide several benefits such as reduce glare reduced UV impact on furniture hardwood floors and furnishings; window tint can provide additional privacy as well as security.

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