Commercial window tint for coeur d'alene properties

Commercial window tint for coeur d'alene properties

We tint Commercial Windows for Coeur d’Alene Properties.

The glazing of any glass system can be improved dramatically by applying commercial films. RC Window films a Coeur d’Alene window tinting company near you can use window films to enhance your glass.

If your goal is to save energy and improve the overall occupant comfort to achieve a more efficient workspace, we can help. Commercial Window tinting films are designed to reduce heat gain during the summer months and improve heat retention during the winter months. Window treatments are a perfect solution for properties throughout the pacific northwest.

Here are a few common pain points and solutions prospective clients are looking to improve :

Cut Down Glare –

Reduction of glare on the PC screen is a sure way to keep employees working efficiently, sure you can close the blinds every day (if you have them) until winter comes around, but then you can’t enjoy the summer views.

Cut Down Glare
Cutting down glare on a window

Reduce Energy Bill –

Energy is expensive, and running an efficient company requires lots of energy. Don’t waste energy by allowing inefficient windows to rob you of your sweet AC or warm heat. Window films can reduce gain by almost 90% and insulate heat by 30% saving you lots of money.

Reduce energy bill by window tinting your property
window tinting is a great way to save energy.

Increase Privacy –

Privacy in our workplace and our homes is the last place we have any “real privacy” don’t allow your “clear” windows to rob you of your privacy. Reflective and dark window films can improve privacy by as little as 5% and as much as 100%, you’re in control.

Improve Security –

Did you know security window films have been protecting government buildings of years? Yes, it’s true, and it’s a great way to protect clients’ employees safe in the workplace, secure from flying debris during a natural disaster, safe from accidents causing the broken glass, and safe from intruders. Security window film is a thick film applied to the interior surface of a window retarding broken glass from flight if breakage occurs. Window film strengthens the glass and creates a chain effect holding glass together on to the film, which acts as a wall. Security window film is often installed with a structural silicone sealing the edges, keeping the film to the frame of the window, further securing and protecting occupants.

improve privacy with commercial window tinting
window tinting allows you to look out but passerbys can’t look in.

RC Window films in Coeur d’Alene recognizes the requirements and conditions of the pacific northwest, and we’ve listened to what our customers are demand for; to achieve great success and fantastic results, we know that customers come first. So we chose only the best window film technologies that meet our customers’ standards.

In taking steps to deliver the only the best to our customers, we have partnered with the following Brands:

Veloce innovation
3m window films
Suntek window film
Huber Optik
Llumar window films

The brands above come with decades of experience and millions invested in R&D.

Note: All our renowned window film products are designed with a unique water-activated adhesive design to last a lifetime. These technologies are second to none, which means that you are getting the best window tinting films on the market window you choose RC Window films of Coeur d’Alene ID.

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