Tint Removal for homes

home window film being prepped and liner removed before installation

Window film has a wide array of benefits but when it’s time to remove old, faded, and cracked film it can be a tricky process.

Old technology window tint like dyed films are known to crack, fade, bubble and discolor. For this reason, many homeowners and commercial building managers opt to remove old film and replace it with newer technology window films.

Over the years window film manufacturers like Solargard and 3M have made huge leaps and bounds in the improvement of window film scratch-resistant coatings, multilayer ceramic films.

Removing old tint

When it comes to removing old window tint, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First in for most do not remove the film without knowing the type of glass you’re working with. There are numerous glazing options the building contractor may have used on both your home/office. Knowing the type of surface you’re going to be work on is important. Identifying the type of surface you’re working on can prevent serious injury and damage to the surface of the glass.

Secondly, there are special adhesive removal solutions as well as blade options to use when striping window tint off the glass.

For example, the use of stainless steel blades is highly recommended when working on tempered glass and quite frankly most glass except laminated or low E coated glass.

Bad Glass and tint

Removing film process:

Most glazing manufacturers place in the etched label that identifies the glass strength or lamination on the corners of the glass surface. First, try to find any edged marks on the glass surface you’re going to be working on. Identify if the film is on the interior of the home/office or on the exterior.

Typically anything within 25ft of a doorway or above the doorway must be tempered glass use caution before attempting to scrape the glass or use any type of solution.

If you do decide to use a scraper make sure that the blades are made of stainless steel is softer then tempered glass and is less likely to scratch the surface of the glass during the window tint removal process. Use the scraper on a test spot before committing to the remainder of the glass.

Caution: Do not use steamers or heat guns as this may crack the glass surface that you are working on.

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