What is a decorative window film?

Frosted film - decorative window film
Decorative window film enhances windows and doors with varying degrees of visibility through the glass. Enjoy a frosted and etched glass at a low cost.

Decorative Window Film 

Etched or Designer window film enhances windows and doors with varying degrees of visibility through the glass. In some cases, it’s known as frosted window film, a thin semitransparent material that is applied directly to your windows or glass doors, smooth panes of untextured glass.

 Once applied, the matte vinyl film gives you the appearance of frosted glass windows, making it opaque, ideal for day and night privacy. Window frosting can also be used to mask an unsightly view or to enhance safety by hiding your valuables from prying eyes. 

How to use decorative films? 

Use a decorative film for windows to decorate your glass collection. Enjoy the look of expensive etched glass at a much lower cost and with varying degrees of privacy. Decorative films create a beautiful decorative effect while reducing visibility through the glass, not to mention design possibilities are endless. 

It has never been as easy to transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary. Deco films provide varying degrees of privacy and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. 

Homeowners, designers, and Architects you can quickly and easily update the appearance of any room in your home, office, or project. Whether you want to add a classical element, want to feel like your in palm trees paradise, or have a sense of serenity watching the leaves blow in the wind, our selection of decorative window films can installed quickly, professionally, and with care. 

RC Window Films Fost Window film selection

Our customers continue to marvel at how versatile our decorative window films can be. Not to mention, our competitive installation cost, lifetime warranty, and workmanship are second to none. 

Frost Film Window film Choices

You can choose from options that include fully opaque, semi-private, and gradient deco films.

 Do you have films that offer privacy at night? 

In short, yes, but no window film can completely block the view from the outside at night while allowing you to see through it from the inside at the same time. Privacy film can be considered a lot of things, medium to very dark, reflective (bi-directional), matte (light allowed), opaco/opaque or white film (100% light block).

It’s important to remember that while you turn on the interior light at night, no matter how dark/reflective the solar film is, others can see it from the outside. 

 The only way to get complete night privacy through window film applications is to choose a matte or opaque film, which is part of our line of decorative window film that will provide night privacy. Still, in most cases, you won’t see through the glass during the day or night. 

So if your looking to decorate your glass, or add some privacy, consider calling RC Window films for your decorative film or night time privacy needs. 


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