Tint for Sliding Glass Door

Tint for Sliding Glass Door
Tint for your sliding doors is privacy, glare, UV, and to block heat $6 Sq ft to $28 an Sq Ft. Tinting sliding doors can also add security.

One way mirrored window tint – You can see out, but they can’t see in

Home window tinting is a standard solution for solving glare, heat, and Uv. Homeowners assume that they have to tint their entire home to gain the benefits of window tinting. However, contrary to the assumption window tinting your home is not always the best way to maximize the benefits of having window film installed. 

Window tinting for Sliders

Lots, and I mean, a lot of customers call us to request to tint their sliding glass doors. In Fact, Because home sliding windows are usually the most significant windows that allow the most amount of visible light, with older entries, they are typically tempered and uncoated, making them the least efficient windows in a home. 

Common reasons why you should tint sliding glass doors: 

  1. Privacy – tinting sliding glass doors improve privacy
  2. Security – Gain Security when you add security window film. ( According to law enforcement professionals we’ve interviewed, the most common points of entry for burglars are sliding glass doors and 1st-floor windows. 
  3. UV Protection – ultraviolet rays damage everything and contribute about 40% to the fading of personal items, furniture, and even paintings. Window tinting blocks 99.99% of Damaging ultraviolet rays. 
  4. Glare reduction – Glare is annoying and can be very bothersome, but window film solves glare issues immediately. Harsh bright light can be cut down by 94% with RC Window Films. 
  5. Heat Blocking – window film can reflect and absorb solar energy. After assessing the glass and identifying the presence of coatings, RC Window films will recommend and provide you with window film options with the ability to reduce heat by up to 85%

Tinting Sliding Glass Doors cost: 

Variables that affect the cost of window tinting your sliding doors –

  1. Size of doors – Total Square feet of coverage, this is usually measured in inches. 
  2. Type of glass – annealed glass, tempered glass, or laminated glass
  3. Variety of internal low E Coating – single soft-coat, double soft-coat, triple soft-coat, and even hard coat options exist. It’s essential to understand the type of coating. 
  4. Coating placement – coating placement is just as important as identifying the type of coating present. In a double pane window, there are four surface areas. Surface areas are as follows: 
  • Surface 1 is the exterior surface you can touch from the outside of the home 
  • Surface 2 is the exterior inner surface on the same pane as surface 1, but you cannot contact as it’s sealed in-between the two panes. 
  • Surface 3 is the inner surface on the same pane as surface 4, but you cannot touch as it’s sealed in-between the two panes.
  • Surface 4 is the interior surface you can touch from the inside of the home.s 

Cost of Tinting Sliding Glass doors:

Depending on the parameters listed above, window tinting a sliding glass door can range from $6 Sq ft to $28 an Sq Ft. Depending on the desired goal and solution that best fits your needs. 

Type of Materials most often used on sliders: 

Solar control and daylighting solutions are common concerns homeowners have that require window film or window coverings as a solution. Listed below are some of the characteristic of films we use and recommend for residential solar control and daylighting solutions:

  • Dual Reflective window films – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.
  • Silver series products are constructed by sputtering thin layers of precious metals onto film. Furthermore, silver is a reflective film that provides high privacy and heat rejection while maintaining optical clarity.
  • Ceramic products leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection without sacrificing views.
  • Spectrally selective” technology rejects heat while allowing in natural lighting.
  • IIR Inferred Blocking Film – blocking 55% of the total solar energy while barely visible to the naked eye.
  • Low E Window Film product provides year-round comfort improvement by keeping the sun’s heat out in the Summer and keeping heat inside in the Winter.

Window Tinting your home sliding door windows 

Tint for your sliding doors is quite common and a great way to solve a wide range of daylighting, privacy, glare, UV, and heat blocking issues if you’re considering getting your home or office sliding glass doors tinting contact RC Window Films a leader in window film installation. 

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