Skylight window tinting

Window films for Skylights to stop heat and Glare

Skylight window films are engineered to cut down glare, damaging UV rays, infrared light, and heat. However, Installing window films can be tricky.

A professional inspection of your skylights is necessary to avoid costly damage if the wrong product is installed.

what you need to know about Skylight window tint

Skylight windows are a great way to allow natural light and conserve energy use. However, Skylight windows aren’t so efficient. Skylights increase heat gain during the summer months by allowing heat to pass through easily, and because glass is a poor insulator, skylight windows also contributor to heat loss during winter months.

Why tint skylights?

In short, it boils down to the adverse side effects of sunlight entering the home:

Sun discoloration – furniture, upholstery, carpets, and everyday belongings are affected by sun exposure. Sun exposure increases the fading and degradation of everyday items and furnishings do to Ultraviolet light exposure.

UV rays — As mentioned above, the sun’s rays have some adverse effects, and ultraviolet (UV) rays cause the majority of these problems. Ultraviolet rays not only damage objects but also cause damage to the skin and eyes. According to the Skin Care Foundation, protecting yourself by the use of window film is highly recommended.

Temperature control –  Skylight also allows infrared rays to enter your home, heating living spaces, and increasing load on A/C units. Adding window film lower heat gain and improves insulation. 


Glare from skylights – Reducing harsh sunlight with window film reduces the impact it has on daily life by blocking glare yet still maintains natural light and view. 

What types of tint is best suited for a skylight?

Tint is often associated with darker windows, and although this is an entirely natural association, technological advances in window film offer minimal darkening properties while still providing benefits, if you want to reduce your home energy costs and UV exposure, but do not want to darken your skylight, new window film technologies can help.

Can I tint my skylights?

To get your skylight tinted, you need to contact the local home window tinting company. Although there are a variety of DIY options available, none offer the peace of mind of having window tint professionally installed; professional installation comes with the benefits of a lifetime warranty as well as commercial-grade materials.

At RC Window films, we are the leading installer for skylight window film solutions and provide Home and Commercial solutions. We use only the highest quality industrial materials and best practices for installation. So if you are interested in installing Skylight window tint, please contact RC Window films today for free, in-home/office consultation.

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what our Experts say

Window films used to tint skylights largely depends on the type of skylights you have. A licensed professional must inspect, meter, and use right window films. Skylight films come in several options, and improper application can cause damage and even breakage.

The primary reason for understanding the different glass options is to understand the limitations and capabilities of each in regards to heat absorption. Because window films absorb heat, it’s essential to match the film that complements the glass and eliminate the possibility of breakage, seal-failure and more.

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