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Home Window TInting

Home window tinting helps improve your comfort and energy savings. RC Window film brands are designed to reject and absorb up to 81% of solar energy. 

RC Window Films solar control window film can help you reduce your cooling costs at home by up to 30% while improving comfort and maintaining your home’s appearance. Less costly than installing new windows, adding Solar Gard solar control window film transforms your existing standard glass into high performance windows.

Did you know film can save you money? By adding window film to your home you can drastically reduce the amount of heat that can penetrate into your home and therefore reduce your HVAC load in effect reducing your electrical bill.

Commercial Window Tinting

The global trend to decrease greenhouse gas emissions has led to numerous incentives for buildings to increase their energy efficiency. In many cases, buildings that make energy efficiency improvements, including window films, May be eligible for tax credits and utility rebates.

 On top of that, Commercial Window Tinting films improve privacy, reduce glare, and improve employee comfort. Most of all,  window films improve your customers experience by enhancing the look of your establishment.

Security Window Film

RC Window Films offers a line of Armorcoat® safety and security films with and without solar control properties.They are specifically designed to keep dangerous shards of glass together on impact, whether glass breakage is due to an accident, attempted burglary, violent storm or earthquake.

Security window tinting films are an invisible way to protect your home & store front.

Fortifying your glass with Security window film makes it harder for the bad guys to get through and forces them to move on to easier targets.

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About RC Window films

We’re a full-service provider of Window tinting, Security Window, and Decorative window films. We service Commercial and Residential customers in San Diego and the Inland Empire. 

Home Window Tinting Temecula by RC Window Films is a family owned and operated window tint service with years of experience. Our goal is to attain the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our team is an expert in the field of window tinting – we do not diversify our business ventures – We specialize!

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We are a Southern California based Window Tinting Company, specializing in Home Window Tinting, Security Window Films, Commercial Window Tinting, and Window Film Application.

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