How to Block the Sun & Reduce Home Temperatures?

demonstration the strength of security window film

Whether you’re trying to improve the look of the home, gain privacy, reduce the heat gain, or improve security window films are a viable solution for all of the above. Residential tinting films are applied to glass, much like window treatments. However, window films can be removed, replaced, and upgraded with minimal cost and in little time.  

 Advantages of Window Tint

 Keep your house cool.

 In summer or hot weather, the interior of your residence can become very hot. The best window films can improve comfort by drastically reducing heat build-up, and manage heat gain. Skylights are some of the most effected windows. If your in need of heat reduction consider window film.

 Prevents UV Damage 

 UV rays from the sun can be very harmful to the human body. It can cause problems such as skin cancer (skin cancer), cataracts, and premature aging of the skin. UV rays also damage furnishings, carpets, drapes, and much more. Applying window film can reduce the impact of UV rays as window film blocks 99.99% of UV (Ultraviolet Rays). 

 Reduces glare

The sun can be very bright, which can cause eye fatigue, disrupt and distract you. Window films can reduce glare by 94%, easying the overwhelming light that distracts and disrupts your home comfort and serenity. 

Improve Privacy 

 The best home window tinting films can also enhance the level of privacy you having in your home. Reducing the need for curtains, blinds, and shutters and is often the best solution to improve home privacy. 

 Reduces Energy consumption

Since window films keep homes cool, it is less likely to have to manually adjust your air conditioning or water heater during different parts of the month limiting and reducing energy usage.

 Improve glass protection.

Safety and security are more important than ever, and while technology advances, the inherent vulnerabilities of glass still exist; glass is a weak point. Facility managers and clients alike are demanding more. Security Window films have come to meet those demands providing increased security capabilities, with a low-cost retrofit that meets government-level protection.

For homeowners, this means tinting film can help protect you and your loved ones by delaying break-ins, securing glass, and closing the door of opportunity for the bad guys. 

Application of security window film
Application of security window film
with and without security window film
with and without security window film
how security window film holds glass
how security window film holds glass
demonstration the strength of security window film
demonstration the strength of security window film
you can shoot through window film but it will still hold it's shape and glass.
you can shoot through window film but it will still hold it’s shape and glass.


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