How to block Sun Glare in San Diego

How to reduce sun glare on windows in San Diego?

Whether you’re reading a book, working, enjoying the latest Netflix series, or in the living room meditating, you know there’s nothing more irritating than the unwanted glare from the sunlight. Glare can daze, distract, and ruin those all too perfect moments of tranquility. So the goal here is to, block Glare from entering your home and workspace, so try some of these effective methods:

Install of blinds

Install of blinds vs window tinting

A straightforward solution is to install blinds. Blinds can instantly stop sunlight and glare from any window with a quick flick of the wrist. Effectively turn off the lights; shades are an excellent solution. However, blinds aren’t cheap, and finding the right style to match your home without fear of them quicking becoming out of style is risky.

Paint your walls in a bright color

Paint your walls in a bright color vs tinting films

If you find that your home is looking a bit dull, and positioned perfectly to bombard you with glare in your most visited common areas, it may be worth considering painting. By painting your walls in bright light colors, you can deceive your eyes and cut down that annoyance of glare from the sun. Contrast to the shine of the windows leads to the increased glare of the sun. However, a bright room reduces this contrast, which decreases the impact of the sun has your eyes. A workaround for sure, but it’s an activity and solution that’s practical.

Buy an Awning

How to reduce sun glare on windows in San Diego?

This idea might be a bit far fetched, and perhaps more suitable for buildings or Storefront, rather than homes or offices; awnings are an effective and straightforward way to block the sun. Awnings Providing shelter and shade, I mean there’s nothing like bringing you back to 1880 like a good-old awning. Sure, residential awnings faded out in 1910, but it’s a solution, and if your that guy or gal, go for it, it works. The neighbors might make fun of you, but hey, no more glare.

Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree vs just tinting your windows for glare protection.

My dad always said, “if you can kill two birds with one stone,” do that; I know, not the ideal way to start this paragraph. What I’m trying to say is that you can save the planet, and eventually, block glare when your newly planted tree grows ups. Remember, a strategy is essential for a great outcome, by strategically planting trees, plants, and flowers, you can eventually block out sunlight and give your home/office some much-needed shade. Not to mention, it’s going to look pretty, out front of your home/office. Your green thumb might be good enough to get those awning hating neighbors of yours to change their minds about you.

Get your home window tinted

Get your home window tinted
How to reduce sun glare on windows in San Diego?

A handy and powerful tool is anti glare tint, window tinting can reduce the glare of the sun by up to 90% and prevent the sun from overpowering your visual senses, all without blocking the natural light.

Anti-Glare Window Films are functional and have an immediate effect. Window tinting films are applied on the inside or outside of a window. A cost-effective solution, anti-reflective films are low impact, easy to maintain, and clean, making them an ideal alternative to blinds or curtains, awnings, or trees. Tinting films have a UV protective layer that helps reduce damage caused to furnishings, hardwood floors, paintings, and even human skin.

So, if you’re looking to buy blinds, awnings, paint, or trees, feel free to google that. I’m sure you’ll find someone happy to take your money.

Now, if you want a practical solution, then install the anti-glare film. And if you want the best installation, contact RC Window films.


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