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Honey, Stop the Car Estate Sales

Client : Mr&Mrs, Gort

Gus called us inquiring about Security film, which was exciting, because it’s a film not often known by those not in our Industry. Gus and his wife are originally from Miami, Fl and have tons of experience with Security window film and know all to well the benefits of it. Gus wanted to help enhance the security of his brand new Store windows as well as increase the performance of glass. We provided some options to which the Gorts chose to go with a Security Window Film W/Solar heat reduction. They also purchased the attachment system which adds for greater security as is attaches the film to the frame, this is the recommended application  Mr&Mrs. Gort were such a pleasure to work with, and have a great store with an amazing selection.

The product installed:

8 Mil Armorcoat

Key Safety Benefits

  • Glass / Impact – Armorcoat provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities
  • Flying Debris – Armorcoat reduces risks associated with broken glass and air-borne debris.
  • Falling Glass Shards – Armorcoat holds broken glass shards in place, helping to avoid a major hazard for passersby.
  • Post-incident Rescue and Cleanup – Armorcoat secures broken glass making the rescue and cleanup process safe and efficient.
  • Solar Safety Film – Armorcoat film provides you protection against the negative effects of solar radiation.

Key Comfort Benefits

  • Various light transmission ranging from 20-72
  • High heat rejection results in improved indoor comfort
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

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Window Film Experts

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