Home Solar Window Tinting

Easily reduce heat, intense glare and damaging UV Rays coming through windows without giving up your beautiful views.

Home solar window tinting is an economical way to keep your views and natural light while reducing heat, glare and harmful UV rays. While you can always get darkening curtains or heavy-duty blinds, those options take away your views and block all light from coming inside. Our solution is home solar window tinting.

Benefits of Home Solar Window Tinting

UV Ray Protection

Block out 99.99 % of UV rays. It's like sunglasses for your home windows. So no more damaged furniture or faded floors!

Heat Blocking

Lower your cooling costs by blocking about 80% of solar heat from penetrating windows.

Added Privacy

You can see out, but they can't see in with dual-reflective or mirrored home solar window tinting.

Popular Types of Home Solar Window Tinting

Below are our most popular types of home solar window tinting. The main differences between each solar window film type is the look they provide and degree of privacy you’ll receive. Schedule a free consultation with us and we’d be happy to walk you through each home solar window film type and which film will best complement the look of your home.

Solar Window Tinting - Reflective Film

Reflective Window Film

Reflective home window film is placed on the interior of the windows and provides a light tint with mild added privacy. Depending on what will complement the exterior of your home best, you can select different shades of tint. Choose from gold, silver, bronze, blue and shades of gray.

Solar Window Tinting - Dual Reflective Film

Dual-Reflective Window Film

If you are also looking for added privacy, dual-reflective home window film is an ideal choice. This window film has a lightly mirrored exterior side, preventing people from easily seeing into your home, but still allows in a tremendous amount of natural light, even after the sun goes down.

Solar Window Tinting - Mirrored Window Film

One Way Privacy Film

This window film fully shields your family from any onlookers. The mirrored outside prevents anyone from seeing in, yet from the inside, you can still see out. It’s a great alternative to expensive one way glass installations. Apply this film to home windows or even garage windows.

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