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Reduce glare from windows

Ways to reduce glare

Do you know the feeling of putting on a pair of sunglass? Well, that’s the same feeling you’ll have when Installing a glare reduction window film — tinting your house is like putting sunglasses on your windows. Tinting your house with anti-glare film is the best way to reduce glare. Give your house some tint.

Stop glare without cutting light

RC Window films offer a wide selection of anti-glare films, from light to dark. Each film has a light variation often described by a number (we call it VLT visible light transmission in our industry). The higher the VLT number, the more light it allows through, and the lower the number, the less light pass through the film. 

 Sometimes our customers have other goals, such as privacy, heat rejection, and UV protection. RC Window films offer a versatile line-up to control glare, as well as heat and UV rays. Our window film selection reduces fading caused by the sun. 

Ways to cut down glare from office windows

 Are you looking to reduce the amount of light entering the office windows? To reduce glare, you need to block as much visible light as possible. But installing a dark film will make it harder for your customers to see in, often discouraging them from coming in. 

 The key is to find a neutral film that reduces visible light but maintains or reduces the level of reflectivity glass has naturally. When you retain the percentage of reflectivity, customers can see in without strain. 

Offices without customer walk-ins –

 If you work in an office without customer walk-ins and glare affecting your computer monitor or anti-glare film for tv, it can be very frustrating. 

 In some cases, you may have direct sunlight screens and monitors that make it difficult to see your screen, this requires the use of anti-glare film. In these cases, it may be necessary not only to use darker films but also utilize a film with higher levels of reflectivity, these films are known as dual-reflective window films; these films offer glare reduction up to 94%. 

 Our “TrueVue and Slate dual-reflective window films” are the most popular choice for glare control applications. For those who prefer to choose from a broader range of films, we will list our entire range of glare control products on our Materials Page

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