Does home window tint reduce heat in San Diego Ca?

Home window tinting

Heat Blocking Window Tint in San Diego

Home window tinting in San Diego, California, is a viable option for reducing the heat in your home. There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing the right film for your needs.

Three things to confirm before getting window tint

First things first, find out if you currently have a manufactures warranty from your glass manufacture; you most likely don’t, but it wouldn’t hurt finding out. Second, determine what you are trying to accomplish, there are several window film options, and you don’t need to go dark or silver to achieve your goal. Lastly, Call us! Haha, but seriously if you have any questions about window film, we are happy to consult.

Do you want to block Heat with Window Tint?

Ok, so you’ve determined that you want to reduce the heat getting through your glass. Depending on your aesthetic requirements, you have several options at this point.

Three common Options:

  1. Reflective film –  reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral inside to maintain views.
  2. Spectrally selective –  technology rejects heat while allowing in natural lighting.
  3. Ceramic – leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection without sacrificing views.

Check out our Materials – Click here for Specs.

Now there are limitations on several fronts when considering any one of the above products. The window film installation company that you choose should know the limits of each film and the glass that it’s being applied to.

What limitations are there when considering window film?

The glass comes in several different thicknesses; glass can be heat-treated, the coating applied, and can even come in 2 and 3 pane options. Film application to specific glass surfaces my void glass warranties and even film warranties. Some film applications can cause window frame seal complications, as well as glass breakage.  Be sure to use a reputable company when considering window film.

Replace Existing Windows or Get Home window tinting

Disadvantages to replacing home windows vs. Window tinting

  1. Home window tinting is an affordable alternative to replacing your existing low performing windows. Replacing windows is often expensive.
  2. Replacing home windows can be a long, arduous process.
  3. Windows require complete frame replacement, which can need home occupants to take shelter elsewhere during construction.

Home Window Tinting Vs. Complete Window Replacement

  1. House tint installation is most often completed in one day or less, unlike house window replacement.
  2. Residential window tinting warranties from reputable manufactures/installation companies cover your film and windows. Window replacement at times only has a one year warranty.
  3. Window film performance is substantially more significant when considering the total cost and return on investment of window replacement. At times, you can even get a better understanding of your existing glass and film rather than replacement. Be sure to use a reputable window film installation company, and confirm they are a legitimate dealer of the film manufacture they represent. Manufacturers typically have a dealer locator on their website to assist customers in finding dealers and confirm authorization.


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