Can you tint dual-pane home windows?

Dual Pane window tint for home windows


Glass companies and contractors often warn against window tinting dual windows. This warning comes from the lack of understanding, and quite frankly hinders their ability to sell you much more expensive options.

Facts :

Dual pane windows are no different than standard single pane windows. However, proper precautions are needed for window film installation. Window films are a great way to improve the performance of your residential and commercial windows.

The 7 Benefits of window tinting :

  1. Reduce Glare
  2. Block heat
  3. Reduce the damaging effects of UV such as fading and discoloration
  4. Improve privacy
  5. Increase security
  6. Reduce glass damage with anti-graffiti films
  7. Improve glass efficiency with low e films

Precautions needed before window tinting dual pane windows :

Low e Glass meter to meter glass make up and coatings
Low e Glass meter to identify coating and glass makeup.

Metering or checking the glass to identify the physical makeup and the potential presence of coatings that may be present is extremely important. Professional Technicians will check your glass with specialized meters to identify if the glass is heat strengthened, identify the presence of coatings ( low-e) low emissivity coatings and the position of those coatings within the layers of glass.

Dual-pane window have a total of 4 surfaces:

  1. Surface 1 is the outermost surface – exposed to outdoor elements
  2. Surface 2 is interior surface sealed between the outermost surface and interior surface pane it’s sealed between the two panes facing the interior of the home or office.
  3. Surface 3 is interior surface sealed between the Interior surface and exterior surface pane it’s sealed between the two panes and facing the exterior of the home or office.
  4. Surface 4 is the innermost surface – exposed to the interior of the home or office.

Coatings are typically located on surface 2 or 3 and identifying which surface the coating is present requires a low-E glass meter. Understanding which surface the coating is located is also important, as installing the wrong film can change the properties of the glass and can even potential damage coatings voiding any existing warranty by the glass manufacture. Film manufactures also require the use of high end metering equipment to validate and endorse the implied warranty. This goes without saying but be sure to use a licensed and insured window film installer and make sure they are back by a reputable manufacture such as SolarGard Or HanitaTek.

Low E Coatings and and Dual pane Glass Surface Layout
Low E Coatings and and Dual pane Glass Surface Layout


Using the right equipment to test and pair film with the glass is a sure way to install window film on Dual pane windows. Keep note to use a reputable, insured, and licensed window film installer such as RC Window Films.


Max El Kacemi
Max El Kacemi

Making Glass Better with high performance window films.

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