Window Tinting in San Diego to Stop Fading and Block Heat

Why Home Window Tint in San Diego is a good way to improve comfort

Everyone has a room or two that gets hotter then others and those generally are rooms with larger windows and more sun exposure especially where the windows face east or west. The cost for adding Window film to your windows is dependent on the type of film you use and usually varies from $6 to $14 dollars per square foot. The total cost is determined by the number of windows and the size of the windows.

Window Tinting San Diego
Upgrade the look of your home with Window Tinting in San Diego. (before Picture)
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After we installed Window Tint in San Diego

Window Tint in San Diego Prevent Fading floors

Homeowners get 7 to 10 degree heat gain in the house and the air conditioning often cant keep up with it. This is one of the primary reasons why homeowners seek Window Tint in San Diego. Other reasons included glare on the TV. Also, homeowners experience difficulty with bleaching of flooring and damage being done to the furniture caused by sun exposure through windows without window tint.

home Window Tinting San Diego
Prevent fading wit Window Tinting San Diego

What Is Window Tint?

Window Tint is an aftermarket product applied to the existing windows. It is a polyester base that has different materials sandwiched in between a couple of layers to give different properties so we typically are looking to stop the heat and excessive glare. The most important part of the process is the cleaning. Anything that gets left behind when we put that film on top of it is going to be there forever. It’s going to become a fossil in between the film and the glass. So when we come in we spend just as much time on the cleaning side as we do actually applying the film to the glass. The maintenance is just like it would be with your normal windows so you can use any normal household cleaner. You just can’t use anything abrasive.

what is Window tint in San Diego
Window tint is used all around us, most commercial buildings and high rises have window film.

Replace Current window tint

If you have to remove your existing window film check out this article Click here.

What you can Expect after Window tinting is installed in San Diego?

Customers can expect much lower heat gain in the summertime and heat loss in the winter time and will not have problems with the fading of the floors or furniture.

things to consider before window tinting
things to consider before window tinting

Things to take care of before getting window tint in San Diego

If you have an older window with condensation or a bad frame you might want to consider having a window company what would it cost for a new window. That’s more energy efficient. Once you have that flow you can compare that to the cost of adding film and determine which route is the best one for you.

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