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Reduce Glare –

Home window tinting is known for solving everyday lighting issues to include reducing glare, fading, privacy, and security. Let’s face it glare can be annoying, especially when your watching tv. There are tons of different ways you can prevent glare, but many solutions leave you in the dark, literately speaking. The best thing about house tinting is that it doesn’t leave you with the urge to turn on the lights. Tint cuts down the harsh light from any unwanted source. Also, the best thing about window tinting is it’s removable, replaceable, and customizable to your comfort level. Installing window tint takes only a few hours, and you can choose how light or dark you want to go, entirely solving your glare problems to your comfort level.

Stop Fading –

The Sun packs a big punch in terms of energy produced, but not all the power is good. UV rays are one form of energy that is provided by the Sun, and some of these rays damage our skin, furnishings, and practically everything exposed to them? No, this doesn’t mean panic and wear tons of layers or lather up in sunscreen. This means that you have to use caution and be mindful of the time you expose yourself and your belongings to the Sun. One common way people are combating the Sun is by protecting themself with the use of window tinting films on their cars. Window tint blocks 99.99% of UV rays. The best part about tint is that it’s not just for your car; window tinting films work well on homes and businesses, protecting furnishings and ppl from the damaging effects of UV rays produced by the Sun.

Gain Privacy –

In today’s world of social media, Instagram, Facebook, and everything online, your home is one of the last places you have complete privacy, or maybe the last place you want to maintain absolute confidentiality. There are several ways to get added privacy, but not solutions are without adverse effects. Solutions like adding blinds, curtains, and shutters can be expensive, and make it too dark and gloomy, even hindering your view if not eliminating them. Window film solves all of these problems by giving you the flexibility of customizing the amount of light and privacy ideal for you. Window tinting films are removable, replaceable, and available at a fraction of the cost of many other solutions.

Security window films

Did you know that home windows are often a primary point of entry during a home burglary? If you talk with anyone in the law enforcement community, and you’ll find that perps often make entry through a home window or sliding glass door.

Home security systems are great, but they do nothing but watch as everything happens, leaving you only to hope they’ll face justice. Security bars look awful, and you can beat the bad guys are only looking at a home with bars and assuming, “That house has good stuff,” otherwise, why else put bars?

Let me be the first to tell you there is a better way; home windows can be secured with safety and security window films. Yes, window film can help, and it’s so convenient and effective that some of the most secure buildings on the planet use it.

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