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What are the benefits of Home window tinting?

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Home Window Tinting is one of the lowest cost investments that can make a major impact the overall comfort for your home. Not only can you reduce the temperature of your home, but you can make it more secure, and even harvest natural sunlight.

Window Film History and Manufactures

In 1966 Window film was invented and it has come a long way from the days it turned purple, bubbled and cracked. Cars are often thought of when the topic of window tinting comes up, but Home window tinting capabilities have also increased with the advancement in technology and manufacturing in the window film industry. There are several window film manufacturers that have played an integral part in bringing this technology to its current state. Huper Optiks, Llumar, Madico, Global, Hanitatek, and 3M are a few major manufactures that have forced the industry to stretch the capabilities of window film.

What are the benefits of Window film?

Well let’s get started:

  1. Save on energy cost
  2. Reduce glare
  3. Increase safety
  4. Increase privacy
  5. Reduce the impact of UVA&B
  6. Protect Furnishings
  7. Protect hardwood floors

These are just some benefits of the benefits of Home Window Tinting, and these benefits don’t stop at your home, the same performance can be had for your vehicle.

The Skin Cancer Foundation named (Window Film) “THE BEST SUN SHIELD FOR CAR, HOME AND OFFICE”

Some Statistics Mentioned in the article:

  • Chronic exposure to UVA rays through windows may accelerate skin aging by 5 to 7 years.
  • More than 90 percent of skin cancers and the visible signs of skin aging, are caused by the sun.

Skin Cancer Foundation Article

How and where is Window film installed?

Depending on the Glass fixtures of your home the application of interior or exterior window film might vary. Typically window film is installed via a wet application method.


  1. Glass is cleaned with a low abrasive/0000 steel wool and a soap solution (baby shampoo) ( Use of Stainless steel razors might be recommended unless you have a Low-E coating) verify your glass window manufacturer prior to cleaning with a SS Razor.
  2. The frame is wiped down insuring all debris is off the frame and glass.
  3. Glass is sprayed evenly with a mix of water and soap (baby shampoo recommended)
  4. Window film comes with a liner protecting the adhesive, remove this liner and apply the adhesive side facing the glass, make sure to have full coverage and a 1 inch overlap onto the frame, and ensure that the entire surface of glass is covered by window film. Line up and spray the exterior side of the film (Side facing you).
  5. Again, spray the side facing you with your solution, and begin to squeegee out the water/soap solution from between the glass and film.
  6. The execcess film that overlaps and surface of the glass onto the frame is then cut, use a hard card or Credit card as a guide to ensure a straight uniform cut parallel with the window frame.
  7. It’s that easy.
  8. Allow 30-60 days for the window film to cure.

If this sounds to complicated or you just don’t have the time give us a call:

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