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What is the difference between blackout and room darkening?

Blackout films are often opaque; this stops people looking in, as well as you from looking out. Room darkening films limit the amount of light that is transmitted, most Home and Commercial window films get installed from the inside.

But still, allow occupants to see out. Room Darkening films allow occupants to look outside without issue during the day, and at night allow outsiders to see through.

Are tinted windows legal in San Diego?

Tinted glass is legal in San Diego. Additionally, automotive window tinting is regulated by state law. In California, car window tint is limited to 70% visible light transmission; this means the front windows must allow 70% of the light. In most cases, car windows meet this guideline, and tinting the front windows (Passenger door and Driver door) with any film would make them illegal. The rear half of the vehicle (Back Glass, and Driver and Passenger rear doors) can be tinted to whatever degree the driver/owner desires without legal implications.

Home window tinting is a great way to reduce glare.

The state doesn’t regulate home window tinting. Homeowners have the discretion to go as dark as they please. Home Owners associations and regulations are the only regulatory body a homeowner must consider when choosing a window tinting film.

Can you see through a window at night?

YES. When the interior of the home has more light than the exterior, outsiders can see through window tint. Smart film is one-way homeowners and window film companies are solving this issue. Installing Smart film, an electrically activated film is one way to increase night time privacy.

Home window tinting can reduce a tremendous amount of glare.

How long do you have to wait for a window tint to dry?

House window tinting can take a bit longer to cure fully. Some home window tinting films can take up to 90 days to fully dry.

What is glass called that you cant see-through?

There is a wide variety of glass types that limit your vision through them. Opaque glass, Frosted glass, and decorative glass can often limit the glass’s transparency limiting your ability to see through them.

Wait times for home window tinting depend on the environment, usually 30-90 days, depending on climate.

Does window tinting keep heat out in Temecula Ca?

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