Reduce Home Temperature in Murrieta california

home window tint murrieta

Home Window Tinting in Murrieta California

home window tint murrieta
home window tinting to reduce heat in murrieta ca

Why your windows are probably causing the biggest impact on your home temp.

Home windows in southern california are usually a double pane window with a single Low E coating on surface 2. This coating is designed to act as an insulator which is a great solution during the winter. However, during the summer this coating can have a negative effect, it can trap the heat in the home if your not running your AC.

home window tint is the best way to reduce summer heat
home window tint is able to reduce heat by 40%

The benefits of home window tint for you A/C unit and home cooling cost.

Getting your home windows tinted is a low cost high impact way to not only reduce heat, glare, and uv damage of the sun; it can also reduce the load on your A/C unit. A/C units can wear over the years and window tint can help ease the load and improve the efficiency of your home. Tint reflect and absorbs heat, the way window film works is complimentary to your home A/C Unit.

privacy home window tint murrieta
The windows on the right have been treated with home window tint film. You can see the increase privacy the give.

Get home privacy by tinting your home windows in Murrieta Ca.

Home privacy is essential, it’s your castle, and window tinting can give you added privacy in murrieta ca. The picture above is a dual reflective window film but as you can see it doesn’t look like the unwanted mirror effect. A dual reflective film has low interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity giving you great privacy, but maintains clear views from the inside looking out.

window tint murrieta
These are the same windows from the above picture , from the inside looking out.

Reduce glare in murrieta with home window tint.

Window films reduce the total amount of visible light that enters your home when window film is applied. Aside from glare reduction window films help reduce the impact of UV sun damage to your home furniture, floors and belongings.

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