Home window tinting - 4 Major Reasons to Tint your Home

Prevent hardwood fading
Ceramic home tint
Ceramic window film for your home. Keeping you cool and blocking 99.99 UV.

Southern California is, without a doubt, one of the sunniest places on Earth. With the sun shining bright, it can also get very hot. Coping with rising temperatures is for sure tricky. You can block heat by home window tint. It is a safe and quick method to avail many benefits.

We offer the best heat control window film in the area. Here is a list of benefits you will get from window films installed by us.

Heat control

Window films are very effective in controlling the heat. The inside of homes warm up due to exposure to sunlight. It can warm up your furniture and flooring which eventually increases the need for air conditioning. If you minimize the increase in temperature, you will automatically cut down your use of air conditioners.

Our window tints serve this purpose effectively. They are designed in such a way that sunlight is not absorbed. Hence, the insides of your home remain cool. Window tints can immensely reduce the temperature inside a closed space. It acts as an insulator to keep out the heat as well as the cold to maintain the optimum temperature inside.

home window tint to reduce fading
Keep your view and reduce heat with Ceramic window tint. Second pane from the left is tinted with ceramic film. Ceramic tint is reducing 57% of total solar energy.

UV protection

It is a well-known fact that UV rays are harmful. When you go out, you take all the necessary steps to avoid sunlight. When you’re inside your home, you should do the same. UV rays can lead to cancer. They also damage the furniture and flooring that is directly under sunlight. Window tints will prevent all of this damage.

Tinting the glass will provide a reflecting surface for the sunlight. These rays can usually bounce off of water, sand, and most other surfaces. But, in the case of glass, they penetrate right through it. Window films are said to minimize absorption of 99.9% UV rays. Hence, the damage is reduced.

Prevent hardwood fading
Prevent fading with home window tinting, window film reduces 99.99 UVA


Most people put off window films for the mere reason that they would ruin the look of the house. This is not true at all. We provide all sorts of window tints. You can opt between black or clear tints to match the aesthetics of your entire home. Your home can end up looking better with a uniform tint on all windows instead of clear glass that looks into people’s private spaces.

Ceramic window tint
You don’t have to lose your view to reduce heat, block uv and protect your home and family. The far right pane is not yet installed while the 3 left pane are complete, aesthetically appealing and effective film.


The reason why we claim that we offer the best heat control window film is that it does not restrict your view. You can still see outside all the windows. Enjoy the view, keep an eye on who is coming near your house, and keep track of the weather. Meanwhile, no passerby on the outside will be able to peek in. Enjoy your privacy without having to give up the purpose of windows.

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