Does window security film really work?

how security window film holds glass

Safety and security film for windows can protect you from intruders, delaying entry, and provides occupants time to take action. Passing rigorous safety standards, it’s not shocking to know, Safety film has become a standard measure of security for many governments and state facilities.

Companies, schools, and other organizations, especially those wanting a low-cost way to improve Safety, often choose safety and security window film. If applied correctly, safety films increase the force/time required to make an entry. There are varying levels of security, and generally, thicker films have a higher level of protection than their thinner counterparts. It’s critical to understand that standard window film is vastly different from safety and security film.

When choosing safety and security film, keep this in mind:

Be sure to review your threat profile, is it for theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, and consider the following acceptable uses:

For theft and vandalism

Security film can give you valuable time to call for help and times even stop intruders and thwart their attempts. The film absorbs the energy of the impacts, making it harder for criminals to break glass doors or windows with any hand-held force multiplier.

Natural disaster preparedness

Are you located in areas where natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes are frequent? Is your location vulnerable to destruction? Any of these incidents could lead to fragmentation of glass, creating dangerous fragments and projectiles, obvious security concerns. Safety film secures and strengthens glass by acting as net sort of speak, holding glass fragments in place if broken. Security film minimizes damage and injury.

UV protection

Since the early 1960s, companies, and households have been using window films to reduce the impact of the sun. Film relieves indoor exposure to harmful UV rays, protects people and Furniture, and helps regulate heating and cooling time and energy requirements.

Cost of installing the safety film for windows

If you are considering safety film as part of your building security strategy, you’ll want to choose the right film and to meet your needs. Like bulletproof glass, many factors can affect the price of security window film projects.

Package includes:

  • Rates of the French pane
  • Difficult working conditions
  • Removing Existing films
  • Managing Furniture and obstacles
  • Scaffolding & Machinery requirements
  • Travel and accommodation
  • When does Bulletproof glass make sense?

If your security concerns go beyond moderate protection against intrusions and breakage, and you are concerned about armed robbery or active shooter, Bulletproof Glass can provide bulletproof protection that no other material can provide at all.

The typical cost of bulletproof barriers

Although the cost of bulletproof glass is higher than the safety film, it is a comparison of apples with oranges. Both products meet different safety needs; although bulletproof glass has many purposes, it plays a critical part in entry, explosive, and hurricane requirement certifications.

In conclusion, window film cannot stop bullets, but it can be used to meet security needs as read above. It’s essential to review and consider your security concerns, threat profile, and potential dangers. Reach out to us for a full consultation – RC Window films.

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