Does home window tinting work?

Home window tinting

Can I tint my house windows?

Yes, home window tinting is possible. Window tinting your home windows solves many light and heating issues. Window tinting your house provides solutions for glare, privacy, heat, security, and even films to prevent fading.

Home window tinting
Home window tinting is possible and very helpful.

How effective is home window tint at reducing heat?

Home window tinting is very effective at reducing home temperature. Window tinting films can reduce the total solar energy from the sun by 85%.

The benefits of window films go beyond just reducing heat; they can block glare, cut down UV, create privacy, redirect light ( light-harvesting), and even add a decorative touch.

Reduce glare from windows
Residential window tint was developed to reduce glare by bouncing harsh light back into the outside world while enhancing indoor views. Window films can cut down glare by 94%.

Which tinting film is medically rated and or medically recommended by skin doctors?

Window films with the specification of 99.99 UVA blocking ability are recommended by medical professionals for skin and eye protection.

Most window films on the market today are rated 99.99 UV Protection. The National Fenestration Rating Council is an excellent resource for comparing window film specifications and verifying ratings. This council is responsible for conducting testing and publishing ratings for window film, glazing, doors, and skylight manufactures.

Solar control window film is most often medically recommend window film. Its ability to block UV Rays has several medical applications. In fact, window film is also approved by the skin cancer foundation because of its ability to protect skin from UV exposure.

Solar window tinting meter tool
Meter to check glass home window tinting inspection tool

What is glare reduction in window film?

Darker films provide the best and most effective glare reduction as they cut down a significant amount of light. However, installing a tint with very high heat absorption can actually damage seals, Low-E coatings, and even create a thermal fracture.

To avoid and reduce the chances of damaging seals, low-E coating, or creating a crack, be sure to choose a film that has low heat absorption. Each window film manufacture has a window film specification manual that lists out each product reflectivity,

How to reduce sun glare on windows in San Diego?
How to reduce sun glare on windows in San Diego?

Does reflective window film reduce heat? Which one is the best?

Silver window films (Aluminum base films commonly known as mirrored films) and dual-reflective films have the most amount of reflectivity.

Dual reflective films do differ in a massive way; dual-reflective window films have a less interior visible reflection, dual reflexives offer great daytime privacy without compromising nighttime visibility, they are ideal for heat rejection, glare reduction, UV blocking, and privacy.

How to stop heat coming for your skylights
Installing the film to the skylights

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