Best Home Window Tint to Reduce Heat

Best Home Window Tint to Reduce Heat 0001

Window tinting for homes is quite popular, and with the increased temperatures of the summer months, adding window film to your homes can be very beneficial. Many homeowners experience high energy bills due to the increased use of AC during the summer months. Leaving homeowners wondering what they can do to reduce the total cost as well as be more comfortable in their homes.

Window Tint Film from Walmart or Home Depot

For those that are do-it-yourselfers purchasing window film from Walmart can sound like a good idea. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Applying window film takes a bit of skill, and if you’re looking for a perfect installation, you should hire a professional Window Tinting Company.

Hiring a professional ensures two things. The window film installation will look great, and more importantly, you will have a warranty not only on the film but on your glasses well in case of breakage or seal failure.

It’s essential to have this warranty as Window Films purchased from Walmart or Home Depot can create adverse effects within the inner gas within insulated windows.

Professional window film companies have hundreds if not thousands of options a film at their disposal, many of which are not offered to Consumers at retail stores.

Best Home Window Tint

The best home window tint is the one that solves your needs. there are many home window tinting films to choose from such as:

  1. Heat rejection films
  2. Glare reduction films
  3. Light redirection films
  4. Anti-graffiti films
  5. Anti-reflective films
  6. UV rejection Window Films
  7. Security window films
  8. Skylight Window Films
  9. Exterior window films
  10. Decorative Window Films
  11. Privacy window films
  12. Dichroic Window Films
  13. Frosted Window Films
  14. Ceramic Window Films
  15. Infrared rejection Window Films

For the most part, homeowners want to make their homes cooler, but this can be tricky when you want to maintain visible light. For this reason, manufacturers have developed various options to solve daylighting and heat gain with a wide range of films.

Heat Control Window Film

The best films to reduce heat without reducing visible light are IR Window Films these films focus on the infrared radiation spectrum. Each manufacturer as a name and film-specific to this particular ask by consumers.

3M Window Films – Presteige window film

A popular window film but certainly not the best is 3M Window Films has a lineup called Prestige window film. Prestige window film is a multi-layered window film designed explicitly for infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is the sensible heat that we feel as humans when we walk outside or stand close to a window. Infrared is the radiant heat that we feel.

Price: Prestige window film ranges from $18 a square foot to $27 a square foot installed.

Solar Gard – Panorama Window Films

Solar Gard window films have a lineup called Hilite. This, too, is a multi-layered infrared radiation blocking window film designed to block out infrared radiation. Both 3M window films and highlight window film has a meager heat absorption rate safe for dual pane windows.

Solar Gard – Panorama Hilite – blocks 55% of the total solar energy while maintaining a bright window look.

It is a ‘spectral selectivity’ film that maintains the ability to keep heat out while letting light.

  • little to no reflectivity

Price: Solar Gard – Panorama Window Films Hilite Window Films range from $14 a square foot to $24 a square foot installed.

Veloce Innovation Window Film

Cool Touch IR’s proprietary technology allows a transparent film to perform better than most much darker films. With the Cool Touch technology, customers don’t have to sacrifice their view, darken their interior or change the way their windows look while cutting over 94% of the Infrared heat and 58% of the total heat coming through their glass.

  • Highest Performance Clear Film in the World!
  • Reflects Over 94% Infrared Heat that you feel!
  • Over 99% UV Protection for skin and furnishings protection
  • Virtually Clear View Inside and Out
  • Proprietary Cool to the Touch Technology

Price: Veloce Innovation Cool Touch IR range from $22 a square foot to $32 a square foot installed.

  •  Veloce Innovation Window Film
  •  Veloce Innovation Window Film
  •  Veloce Innovation Window Film

Avery Dennison Window Films (Hanita Coatings) E-lite

E-lite interior films block the heat, without affecting the appearance of the glass. The comparable window film is e-lite 70.

e-lite 70 specs are as follows:

  • Visible light transmitted 66%
  • Total solar energy rejected is 52%

Price: Avery Dennison window – e-lite films range from $18 a square foot to $25 a square foot installed.

Huper Optik USA Select

The Select Series window film consists of precious metals such as silver, gold, and metal, which will let light in a while blocking heat. Huper Optik select will protect against ultraviolet rays without giving up views or changing the look of a home.

  • Visible light transmitted Sech 61%
  • Total Solar energy rejected is 57%

Price: Huper Optik Select window films range from $22 a square foot to $32 dollars a square foot installed.

The five best window films on the market to reduce heat and maintain visible light are Solar Gard Hilite, 3M Prestige, Avery Dennison E-lite, Veloce Cool Touch IR, and Huper Optik Select.

If your in need of a high-performance window film for your home that doesn’t compromise view and rejects tons of heat. Consider the films discussed.

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