Anti-graffiti film for business and commercial buildings

Anti Graffiti film installers San diego

Protect windows from vandalism and graffiti with an anti graffiti film that provides a barrier to protect your windows from damage.

Whether accidental or intentional, people often damage glazing surfaces. Repairing or replacing windows can be expensive and tedious. So, Preventing window replacement is essential for owners and tenants of commercial properties, especially those that are price-conscious.

Anti-graffiti film for businesses

The company can be paralyzed for days, while the glass is replaced or repaired. Commercial anti-graffiti window film is the solution for business owners who are experiencing graffiti vandalism. anti-graffiti film is an invisible barrier to protecting the glass; it is applied to the glass’s exposed portion. High traffic areas are intended to be a sacrificial layer preventing damage caused by blades, aggressive chemicals, gouges, paint, permanent markers.

Anti Graffiti film installers San diego
Glass Damage can be costly

How to remove anti-graffiti film

The anti-graffiti window film can be easily removed and replaced by eliminating graffiti’s costly cleaning and replacement. The anti-graffiti window film is optically transparent, distortion-free, and anti-graffiti applied to windows, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces.

Benefits of anti-graffiti film

In addition to stopping glass damage such as engraving or paint damage, the anti-graffiti film also blocks 99.9% of the UV. UV can be harmful to people and valuables. Direct sunlight exposure for long periods can fade products, causing a loss of profit for business owners.

Professionals can quickly repair windows and doors that are protected with anti-graffiti window film. The film is removed and replaced. When thieves and vandals intentionally break windows and doors. Graffiti damage can also increase insurance premiums. In addition to repair, insurance premiums, and replacement costs, customers may be adversely affected by broken glass fragments, potentially injuring workers, customers, and clients.

Windows and doors installed with the anti-graffiti film are less prone to shattering, resulting in an added protection for expensive floors and patrons. Commercial anti-graffiti film offers many other advantages in addition to protection against graffiti. Window film can be installed with a protectant, which protects from harmful UV.

Anti Graffiti film installers San diego

Is it removing graffiti worth it?

Yes, the sooner a company removes graffiti, the less likely there will be a repeated attack. According to the Office of Justice Statistics, removing a label within two days significantly reduces the likelihood of a second attempt. The vandal realizes that his/her name will not remain in the spotlight, so he/she is looking for weaker prey.

Vandals often intentionally damage glass windows. graffiti’s damage alone results in a cleaning cost of about $12 billion a year in the US.

How does an anti-graffiti film look?

Anti-graffiti film is usually transparent, which means that vandals will not even be aware that they will not spray paint directly on a window or glass door. Even though many commercial owners prefer a transparent anti-graffiti film, some owners choose a film that works with their showcase aesthetics.

Different colors and tints can be installed, which works well, even with the unique showrooms and front window graphics.

Anti Graffiti Commercial Window Film
Anti Graffiti is easy to remove

How to clean anti-graffiti film

Cleaning the commercial anti-graffiti film is simple. Most of the film is made of a polyester laminate; therefore, soft, damp cloth or mild soap is all that is necessary to return life to a commercial film or glass door quickly.

Anti Graffiti films are a great way to protect your assets.

Anti-graffiti film near you?

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Get anti-graffiti film

Be proactive and get an anti-graffiti film applied to the windows. An anti-graffiti film can quickly be removed and replaced at a lower cost than replacing the windows or glass. Protect your investment today and Call RC Window Films.

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