Get Anti-Graffiti and save the costest related to vandalism

Anti Graffiti Film 4Plus

Graffiti damage to public works and business is a high cost and most often is a significant time suck. Glass surfaces are common targets for taggers using various tools to scratch, etch, and leave their art; leaving sometimes irreparable damage. Public resources and business costs to repair damages surfaces can be very costly. Anti-Graffiti can help. But the right film is crucial for longterm cost savings.

Anti-Graffiti window film for reduce the cost of vandalism repairs
Anti Graffiti films are a great way to protect your assets. However, this is only a single layer film as opposed to 4 layers (GraffitiGard 4Plus)

Anti-Graffiti films are not new to the market places as a viable solution. However, a new technology released by Saint Gobain Company called, Graffitigard 4Plus is a step above the rest in so many ways.

GraffitiGard 4Plus is professionally applied to the interior glass and other non-porous surfaces providing four (4) sacrificial and separate layers.

Unlike standard anti-graffiti films that only have one layer of protection, Anti-Graffiti 4Plus has four layers. A trained staff technician can quickly and easily remove these four layers. Ultimately reduces the downtime and labor costs and improving effectiveness in the longterm.

Why Anti-Graffiti 4plus should be in high traffic areas :

  • Optically transparent polyester film providing maximum visibility.
  • Protects the surfaces from the most common forms of vandalism including acid etching scratching and permanent markers
  • Multi-layer construction provides a more cost-effective alternative to single application protection; each layer contains a scratch-resistant coat.
  • Compliant with various fire testing standards for response to fire, smoke, development, and toxic gases.
A Four (4) Layer Anti Graffiti Film to reduce the cost of maintenance and labor cost to replace.

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