4 Most Popular Types of Window Films and their Benefits

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There are hundreds of types of window films. From heat reduction and anti-glare films to security and decorative films, so it can be overwhelming to navigate. In this article we’re going to focus on our four most popular types and each of their unique benefits. First, here are the top areas window films can benefit your home, school or commercial building.

  • Save you money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Increase privacy without taking away from your view.
  • Protect against UV sun damage or even just an intense glare.
  • Provide an added level of security from intruders.
  • An easy way to remove graffiti damage.
  • Long-lasting decorative style for your business.

1. Solar Film

Contrary to its name “solar,” solar film does not store energy like solar panels. However, it has a similar result…it helps save you money! Solar window film is an adhesive that is applied to glass surfaces and as the sun’s rays hit the window, the window film acts as a “sunscreen” to reflect and regulate the levels of heat, light, and even UV rays entering the home or office. The amount of heat, light, and UV rays that are rejected is all dependent upon the type of window film you select. The best part is you can still enjoy your beautiful views, unlike having to use curtains.

Slate dual reflective window film Murrieta Ca
A side by side image of Dual reflective window film, look how it cuts down glare and improves the view.

Benefits of Solar Film

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Reduces intense glare
  • Blocks UV rays (which prevents furniture and floors from fading)
  • Provides more privacy
  • Can still enjoy your views!

To help determine what type of solar window film will meet your needs, give RC Window Films a call or request a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to help guide you in your selection.

2. Security Film

Safety and security window film is truly amazing. It protects people from broken glass shards, and makes it very difficult for any intruder to penetrate your home, school, or business. Security window films have a proven track record of saving lives and property from intruders. This film is ideal for schools, churches, businesses, and homes!

Watch this short video, and you’ll be amazed!

Benefits of Security Film

  • Keeps glass together on impact and protects people from glass shards.
  • It makes it very difficult for intruders to break the glass.
  • Can come with added solar window film benefits for reducing your heating and cooling costs.

3. Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti window film is a transparent film applied to glass (or any smooth surface) that will protect it from irreparable and intentional damage, either by paint or sharp objects. When the film becomes scratched, etched, or painted on, you simply peel off the top layer of the film instead of having to replace the surface itself. If you have a business or office building, think more than windows, think mirrors in bathrooms, the outside of your building, and elevators. This film will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. Definitely add anti-graffiti film today, before it’s too late!

Anti Graffiti films are a great way to protect you assets.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film

  • It can go on a variety of smooth, flat surfaces from glass, mirrors, metal, and more!
  • No need to replace or repair surfaces, just peel off the top layer of anti-graffiti film and your surface is like new!
  • It comes in up to 4 layers for multiple use.
Decorative Window Film - Rejuv in Temecula

4. Decorative Film

Window films have evolved to much more than merely preventing things from happening, in contrast, it can be used as a way to attract attention. As a result, if you are a business or storefront that has lots of windows, consider adding decorative films instead of stickers and paint that can deteriorate quickly. And since you can print anything on decorative window film, your creative imagination is the only limit. Whether you want your store logo and business hours or you want an original work of art, we can make it happen.

Benefits of Decorative Film

  • Long-lasting.
  • You can make any design.
  • Does not chip or fade like paint or stickers.

If you are looking into have window film applied to your home or business, give us a call at (951) 595-2338 or request a free consultation online. We’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have. RC Window Films | Making Glass Better!

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