3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes
Before and after 3M Di Noc - Display

 3m di-noc architectural finishes are a vinyl film applied to various surfaces design to resurface and update the look allow you to change any space in a few days, and provide a beautiful and functional finish for walls and other building surfaces.  

Commercial, institutional, and residential environments can achieve lasting benefits and cost savings associated with 3M di-noc construction finishes. 3M Di-noc offers minimal downtime, simplicity, and speed of deployment, and the ability to adhere to a wide range of surfaces compared to the conventional methods. 

 3M Di-noc is very adaptable to the profile and reveals, in addition to uploading quickly and easily, with little or no downtime. Designers and architects enjoy maximum versatility and infinite palette, with over 500 di-noc finishes available, drastically changing the look of old or damaged finishes, creating a modern and new look.

 These quality architectural finishes come with a range of stunning patterns and textures to choose from, from warm wood beads, elegant metal, marble, concrete, stone, and much more. Forming, flexible, and lightweight, this versatile material easily restores the old, worn, or damaged interior and exterior finishes. 

di-noc architectural finishes
Get creative with our 3m di noc finishes

 What makes the 3m di-noc an excellent choice? 

Di-noc aesthetic architectural finishes resemble natural materials and other types of surfaces. They provide the look you want, with the cost savings you need. 

3M Di-Noc adhesive technology is repositionable, and virtually bubble-free finish simplifies and accelerates application, but can be firmly attached to almost any substrate. 

Environmentally friendly di-noc architectural finishes are not produced from trees or metal minerals. Eco-building products, which increase rapidly, have less chance of error and waste and bring existing assets to life. When their life cycle ends, di-noc products are easier on Earth. 

Office 3m di noc installers

 Why insist on the completion of the 3m di-noc building? 

For Decorative Update 

 Lightweight, self-adhesive, and di-noc construction finishes can be applied to existing substrates in your location, reducing human and material costs compared to natural materials. With di-noc products, you can quickly and cost-effectively create a new look without compromising aesthetics, thanks to their incredible similarities with natural materials. 

3m Di Noc vinyl material

3M Di – Noc is an excellent option for office space and commercial buildings 

Maybe you prefer real wood, metal, or stone or other natural materials. Perhaps, you can use them for specific areas and use di-noc architectural finishes elsewhere. You can save on costs, speed up project completion, and maintain synergy, while retaining the aesthetic look you want, from ceiling to floor. 


Before and after Di Noc install


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